Peach Soda

Style: Poppy (Peach Soda)
 If you're looking for a Triangl Dupe, Brakinis Bikinis is the place to go. Triangl has been all the rage in neoprene bikinis for a while now, so people have been dying to find dupes. With Brakinis Bikinis you get the same bold and bright designs with black trim, all made of neoprene. The bonus to Brakinis Bikinis over Triangl? Brakinis Bikinis is much cheaper with less shipping fee for the same high quality bikini! 

 Brakinis allows you to mix your sizing, which for girls like me who are a small or even extra small for my top but a small for bottoms is very beneficial. With neoprene the sizing that they state is true to size. Neoprene is meant to fit firmly on your body, plus it has a greater resistance to stretching!  The bikini I got was in the style Poppy and the name of it is Peach Soda. The bright orange and pink colours matched with the white on the top all look great with the black lining. The bright colours look nice against my not tanned at all skin, it doesn't make me look paler than I am already. With a nice tan I bet this set will look even better. 

 Like I stated earlier, Brakinis is the cheaper version of Triangl for the exact same great quality and styles to pick from. Brakinis has bikinis ranging from $69 USD to $79 USD, with gift cards you can get for your friends from $70 USD, $80 USD, or $160 USD. 

 Overall I think this bikini is a perfect grab! Great quality, nice price, lasts a long time, gorgeous look, and has all the exact same qualities that the higher end on has. The only difference between a bikini from Brakinis and Triangl is the tags it comes with, the little Brakinis tag on the bikini bottoms, and the fact that Triangl isn't printed on the black buckle on the back of the top.

 If you want to see more of this stunning Brakini Bikini then you can check out my Instagram for more photos. This is also the bikini I wore in my post Insta Life, and plastered all over my Instagram for a good week.

Abby said...

I love that bathing suit, it's really pretty on you!

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