Bubble Mint

 Brakinis was lovely enough to send me another bikini from them with pastel hues so cute I tried it on right away! This time Brakinis sent me the bikini Bambi in Bubble Mint, which consists of exactly what the name says. The colours of this bikini is a gorgeous mint green for the outside of the bottoms and the inside is a light bubblegum pink. The bikini top has the pretty bubblegum pink under the same shade of pink mesh. It also has the same thing for the block of white, white neoprene with white mesh on top. All outline and divided by bold black strips. coincidentally I had just gotten mint green and bubblegum pink shirts from my vacation which matched this bikini perfectly.
 This particular bikini is only $89 USD, which is pretty great for such a high quality neoprene bikini. This is one of Brakinis most popular bikinis, it is almost always sold out and in such high demand. Since it is neoprene, it's going to last for a long time as long as you take care of it. Don't wash it in the washing machine, make sure to hand wash it. Once done, lay it flat to dry so it doesn't bend and get wrinkled. If it does somehow, don't worry, they send you a little card to tell you exactly how to take care of it. 

 This bikini is a great addition to add to your closet or bikini collection. I've worn it a handful of times already and it's shape still isn't lost, not even a little bit. It fits well, it doesn't slip off when I go for a swim, it actually hugs my shape nicely. I've shown it off a little bit on Instagram already, expect more images to come. With it being pastel and Spring all about pastels, I can see myself pulling this back out of the closet next Spring for some love.
Hannah said...

I have this exact same one! I love the colors too.

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