Island Life

by - October 03, 2015

Everyone needs a little detox from life once in a while. Whether that be in your room taking a mental health day, or on an island far away. I, personally, chose the latter. The island of my choice isn't some fancy Greek island or one off the coast of Italy. Mine is one off the coast of South Carolina, basically Cincinnati's second home.
 Hilton Head Island is my perfect island home away from home. With Piggly Wiggly in walking distance from my "on the beach" beach condo, and the sun always shining besides the little afternoon storm, I couldn't think of a better place to take my detox from life.

This was my view everyday for two weeks!

My first couple days consisted of literally soaking up some great vitamin C. Surf, sun, and sand right? Well I laid out in the sun and listened to the waves crash against the sand. Just the calming sound of the ocean was perfect for my little recharge. I blasted through two books in just 5 days on that beach, made a bunch of sandcastles and watched them crumble down, collected over a dozen different kind of seashells, and got extremely tan compared to my Snow White skin I had on day one.

Tropical Storm Erika

 The last two days of our first week there we took as mental health days, due to Tropical Storm Erika sweeping in and raining for a entire day and a half. But just knowing that right outside our condo, just 10, maybe 20 feet away from our back door was the beach... That was enough. Having the mindset that we could walk outside and be on the beach was perfect for us. We didn't have to be on the beach those two days, we just had to know we were there. There's a sort of peaceful feeling you get when looking out at the ocean or watching the waves crash along the shores. So when you look outside and see palm trees; with rain or shine you can still get that feeling of tranquility.

PJ's Breakfast & Thai
 The second week we had a billion things we wanted to do; we did a billion and one. We went to Harbour Town, The Salty Dog Cafe, Coligny Plaza, Market Street Cafe and explored Savannah, Georgia for 6 straight hours. If you're ever in Savannah stop at PJ's Breakfast; they serve breakfast and Thai food. Still can't get over that combo. I got their french toast breakfast with blueberries, and it was amazing. I'm not a huge fan of blueberry pancakes but blueberry french toast is certainly my new favorite thing. Plus, if you know me you know my love for Audrey Hepburn. I had some how managed to sit down right under two screen caps from Breakfast at Tiffany's, my favorite Audrey Hepburn movie, and who doesn't love Darling Fred or Cat? I feel like Audrey Hepburn always makes her way into my life practically everyday.

 Now that I'm back home, not only do I miss the salt air, but I miss the sun beating down on my skin and this one seagull that was missing a foot. Once I was there it didn't seem like I had ever left from last year, but now that I'm home I can feel the memories slipping away way to fast. Almost as if the past two weeks were last year.
 Everyone needs a detox from life or social media or socialisation. Though I still posted all of my photos onto my Facebook and Tumblr as well as a handful on my Instagram, I did take a detox from socialisation and my at-home life. I had no responsibilities, didn't even have to change out of a bathing suit all day if I didn't want to. I lived life like a beach bum, and I loved every minute of it.

Hilton Head Island, I miss you.

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