Road Trip: Columbus

by - October 28, 2015

 Last week I took a "one hour" road trip to Columbus, Ohio to check out some metaphysical shops as well as a Wicca and Pagan one. By "one hour" I mean I spent about one hour in Columbus in these shops while the drive to and from was more like three hours. Was that a stupid decision to spend three hours in a car for an hour and a half, at most, in Columbus? Yeah, probably, pretty much. Obviously two eighteen year olds can't plan road trips alone, but it was worth it.
 The first hour and a half driving to Columbus consisted of two very single adults talking about boys, singing to music, rerouting for the exits we kept missing, and laughing as we both agreed we felt very out of place in Columbus. Though Columbus is a city, just like Cincinnati is a city, we both kept saying things along the lines of "do we look like we fit in?" I looked down at my grandma's bright blue socks I had poking out past my white, high top, converse. Then to my black skinny jeans, my Absolutely Flawless shirt I impulsively bought at Forever 21, and my grey hoodie wrapped around my waist. We looked live every day people walking down the streets of Columbus, but the feeling of monachopsis stuck with us until we made it to our first stop.

 Our first was this amazing little shop called the Magical Druid, when I was younger I would watch Charmed any chance I got when it was on TV. Walking into this store felt like I was in that TV show. Not only did they have Wiccan and Pagan items but also Celtic, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Chaos magic. They had the Book of Spells, ritual candles, tarot cards, crystals and crystal balls. Herbs, oils, and anthems too. This was Heaven for the fifteen year old me who was trying to find spells for the in math class to like me. Speaking of which, I bought a voodoo Love Me gris-gris to help "guide Cupid's arrow to strike love and romance" into my life now that I'm eighteen and actually ready to go on dates. I also bought a devotional bracelet dedicated to the god Manannan. It came with this little card teaching me about Manannan, he is a Celtic god of the ocean, which I found fitting for me. He has the power of bringing a concealing mist and opening or closing the gates between this world and another. Manannan provides important guidance, especially in matters of deep emotion. Very fitting for where I am in my life right now, in need of some major guidance and filled with emotions raging like waves during a storm. The stones on my bracelet are blue adventurite which resembles the ocean waters of his home. Labradorite evokes the shifting mists that he calls up. Amethyst contains the rich wisdom of the depths, and lastly there is a trickle charm that shows waves coming together to form a gateway. Overall I am so happy with the things I got and am planning on going back soon some day.    The man running the shop was humbled by the fact that we drove all that way to check out his shop. He didn't know of any shops like this in Cincinnati either so we said we'll just have to keep coming back to his.

 After our forty-five minutes of drop-jaw staring at the charming store we headed down to a shop that was filled with books on everything from angels to yoga. This metaphysical shop made me feel like I needed to get back in touch with my chakras and do some more yoga. They had items for aromatherapy, altars, singing bowls, as well as incense, herbs, stones/crystals, tarots and divination cards too. I found a couple books in Pearls of Wisdom that I would love to buy next time I head up there. Quickly after I eavesdropped in on a conversation about psychics and mind reading, our time in Columbus was up and we had to head back.
Cute little plant shop
I really felt at home after wandering through she shops, like maybe these things were something I was looking for but just didn't know it yet? Perhaps these things are a part of finding myself, finding out who I am while also finding out how to better myself. I don't know how to put it into words but these metaphysical and Wiccan things seemed to fit me. There was even this cute little flower and succulent shop I looked in for a moment, I could spend my life savings in that store. I don't really have a green thumb but that doesn't stop me from buying pretty plants. Plants and crystals are my wallet's weakness, they are gorgeous things that light up my room.
 Between connecting with my friend on our little road trip and connecting more with the ocean and celtic god due to my new bracelet, you could say I had a pretty great time in Columbus for only spending an hour there. 

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