If I lived some place that was always warm and sunny, I'd probably have more bathing suits in my clothes then regular clothes. And to be honest that's pretty much how my closet is right now, 80% bathing suits 15% regular clothes, 5% shoes. I was probably meant to be living somewhere constantly warm, like on an island, because winter just doesn't suite me. When I was living in my little island home I was constantly in a bathing suit laying out in the sun.

Outside of bikini
Inside of bikini
 With the many bathing suits in my closet, one I particularly love because of the style of it. Plus this certain bikini is reversible so it's a two-in-one bathing suit. This certain bikini is from Khongboon Swimwear, it's white and navy colors perfectly contrast each other while complimenting my summer tan.
 This bikini is named RIO and the high waisted bottoms are reversible with a solid navy blue on the inside. The side cuts on the bikini I find to be gorgeous, though it's a little bit more skin then I'm used to showing I'm surprisingly in love with it. The bottoms are seamless, low-rise bottoms, self lined so it looks perfect on either side. The great thing about the solid navy color on one side is that if you can mix and match these bottoms with other tops that have navy, or look good with the color. 
 The top is a perfect fit for a crisscross bandeau style, with my smaller bust these don't usually work for me but this one does. The crisscross design is in the front and the back so it has that perfect fit, lift, and support for you. Just like the bottoms this reversible piece is self lined and handmade in Thailand.
 Khongboon Swimwear has so many great designs that are reversible in many different styles. They have one pieces if you're not to fond of bikinis, but also have many high waisted bottoms to choose from as well.

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