by - November 08, 2015

 I believe that if I lived in a place that was almost always warm and sunny, I'd have more bathings suits than regular clothes. I know I would definitely have many more swimsuits from Khongboon Swimwear than I do now. Though that is sort of how my closet is now, 65% bathing suits, 30% regular clothes, and 5% shoes. I think this proves that I was probably meant to live somewhere constantly warm, like an island. 

 With that many bathing suits in my closet, this one in particular is much different than any other I've received. This reversible four-in-one bikini is named Rio, set with a high waisted bikini bottom and a bandeau top. The high waisted bottoms, in navy on one side with stripes of navy and white on the other, is only $60 USD. The bandeau top, also in navy on one side with stripes of navy and white on the other, is only $60 USD. The bottoms have cute navy side cuts that show off a bit of skin, and the bandeau as straps in the back that are also all navy. The bandeau actually has criss-cross straps in the back and front of the bikini top. That happens to help my small bust keep the bikini on, usually bandeaus are a problem for my size but this one works out perfectly. The fit is true to size as well, and since the tops and bottoms are separate you can pick the correct size for you. Plus there are other styles of bikini tops and bottoms in the same patterns and designs that you can play around with. 

 Khongboon Swimwear is a huge collection of luxury swimwear which is all designed by it's creator, Supaporn Khongboon. Born in Thailand, Supaporn created these bikinis inspired by all of her travels from the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the magnificent white sand covered beaches. As of right now Khongboon Swimwear's headquarters is based in central Bangkok, but you can definitely tell the designs are inspired by wonderful images from Thailand. 

 There are so many good things about this set that I could name them for hours. From the criss-cross bandeau or the four-in-one design to the great material. All of things that come to mind add up to a well made bikini. Grab this, or one from Khongboon, while you can. And for more photos of this bikini and many others, check out my Instagram. Or of course check back here every Sunday for Sunday Swimwear.

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