by - November 27, 2015

 I seem to only use my polaroid camera during vacation, and even then I only take super select photos that will look good in a polaroid. Just like with a disposable Kodak camera, the film is almost like a filter to the photo itself. The look of a polaroid is almost glossy while the look of a printed kodak photo is gritty and grainy. So I wanted to share some photos with you that may not be anywhere but my Facebook or in my phone library.
Walking Hilton Head Island a little before sunset and the changing of the sky, I loved the way mu blue dress matched the water a bit so I quickly asked my dad to snap a polaroid picture.
Forsyth Park fountain, it was gorgeous. I had taken a photo walking towards this with my dad when I was maybe 2 years old. After taking this polaroid I waked over to this man playing his golden instrument and listened to his music.
The way polaroids pick up black and white made me want to take a photo with my black sundress. Also I sorta of just really wanted this silhouette photo with that landscape in front of me.
Though I personally never look nice in polaroids, I had to get a picture with the Marilyn Monroe statue. It was a statue of the icon dress moment and I couldn't help but get a quick snapshot.
By Salty Dog Cafe were a group of parrots older than me, I believe this red bird was born in 1995. The red feathers were gorgeous and she was really talkative once we started to walk away.
These two parrots were very cuddly, one was born in 1993 and the other 1994 I think.  I was so excited to see these parrots, they were just so magnificent.
Usually when we go to Harbor Town it's extremely hot but the thin clouds made everything nice. We watched the dolphin watching pirate ship head out as we watched seagulls fly around overhead.
This dog, oh my gosh, this dog did not want to leave the water. I honestly don't even know if he got home. He was so excited about running in the water that his owner had to start walking down the beach to get him back. But even then the dog decided to run farther down the beach, causing her to have to follow him.
My dad and I were basically thinking about life and the people we lost the days before and during our trip.  I feel like this picture shows some sort of content while also happiness even though its just a man walking the beach.

These photos were all printed onto the polaroids because at the time I didn't have a mini Fujifilm camera but loved the rainbow polaroids. They were all taken on my phone and printed when I got home.

Right before the sky changed from blue to pink my sister snapped this photo of me as I fixed my Saved by the Bell shirt.
I was walking down the board walk and this image popped into my mind, I quickly handed my phone to my sister and asked her to snap a photo of this. The boardwalk, the trees, the sand dunes, and me.

One morning we actually made it out for sunrise at the right time and it was amazing. The sky changed to every color in the rainbow and more.

The polaroid doesn't do the sky justice, it was as pink as the frame itself with a bit of orange. It was just gorgeous, you can find the actual photo on my Instagram if you scroll back a year.

My dad took this photo of me in my PJ's looking out at the sunrise, the colours were a lot more vibrant in person. Though these pale colours do look gorgeous, the vibrant colours were stunning too.

I bought these gorgeous flowy elephant patterned pants that I think I wore like a week straight. Only thing is that they were two long so every photo of me wearing them has me holding then up.

What you don't see under my finger is dolphins. We had rented a boat to watch for dolphins and just drive around with the wonderful blue sky. An hour later we were surrounded by purple jelly fish, the Coast Guard pulled us over, and we were able to dock right before a huge storm swept over the island.

I was so obsessed with this photo for months, the way I captured the water crest and the colours. I was so damn proud of this photo, still sorta am, but now it's just one of those good memories.

So the sky and shore are much more vibrant, you need to check this original out on my Instagram because the polaroid made everything lighter. I still love it though.

Another snap my sister got of me as we sat down listening to Lana Del Ray and watched the boys play volleyball at the closet hotel court.

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