Sofia by ViX sent me this gorgeous shades of blue bikini set that I am absolutely head over fins for! Sofia by ViX is a side collection from ViX by Paula Hermanny that is gorgeous collection of Brazilian like beach styles filled with bikinis, one-pieces, and beach wear. There are so many options to choose from just inside the Sofia by ViX collection!
 This certain set they sent me is actually one I picked out myself. All the tops and bottoms are sold separately with multiple tops in different styles but same patterns to choose from. So within just one design, you have multiple styles of tops to pick from like this halter or a regular string bikini top. This certain top is a halter bikini top style in the Laguna pattern, specifically called Laguna Halter Bikini. The bottoms are a long tie side style with that are also in the Laguna pattern, called simply Laguna Long Tie Side Bottom. The colours of this bikini are stunning, many shades of blue and even a bit of white thrown in there make for a wonderful piece. Anybody can pull of these shades and even the style of the top too! I haven't seen many halter top bikinis yet for any summer line but not that I've seen this one, I've seen many! I can certainly see that halter top bikinis will be a big part of summer for 2016. The top itself is $80 USD and for the bottoms I got they are only $70 USD. Sofia by ViX itself has a lot of sales going on at different times too.
  ViX also is a wonderful company in itself. Paula herself has traveled a lot, exposing her to so many underprivileged, hungry, and even some cases forgotten children around the world. As of right now she sponsors forty children in Brazil, Africa, India, and Haiti. She has a link on her website that shows where you can give back and help through a Christian humanitarian organization called World Vision.
 This company and bikini set is truly really amazing. Not only do they offer you a wide selection and collection of gorgeous bikinis but through the process of you buying from them then that helps be able to give back to those in need. I can definitely see myself wearing this bikini many more times in the future too. The fit is nice for both top and bottom. Plus the criss-cross straps in the back of the top shows off some skin but the halter style gives you nice coverage in the front too. The bottoms are a cheeky cut with long ties on each side, with little golden beads at the end which are a cute added bonus. If you haven't seen the photos already, check out my Instagram for more images of this bikini being actually worn.
Abby said...

I need this bikini so flipping much! Plus they support a great cause! This is my favorite review so far❤️��������

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