Summerwear Swimwear

by - November 22, 2015

 With summer still stuck in my mind I was so happy to see a package from Summerwear Swimwear in my mailbox. The first bikini they sent over to me was one of their reversible halter top bikinis. On one side of the bikini is a pretty black and white palm tree print. The fun thing about this bikini set is that you can totally mix it up for a four-in-one bikini because the other side is all black. The straps on the back of the top are criss-crossed and are all black as well so it looks nice with either side of the pattern you choose.

 The second bikini that they sent to me was also a reversible bikini, it too also happens to be a four-in-one style. This one has one side that is covered in pineapples front and back for both the top and the bottoms. The other side of this bikini is pure white and also has the straps in the back that are all white. These two bikinis are the exact same cut and style, just different patterns. Honestly, in the back of my mind when I saw these two was that I could even sort of mix them together. I could always pair the white bottoms with the palm tree covered bikini top. I can also get the black bottoms and match it with the full white top. There are different ways to mix these bikinis together but those are the first two I know I'll try out!

 These obviously aren't the only two bikinis Summerwear Swimwear has. They also have neoprene bikinis like Brakinis and Triangl, as well as other bathing suits. These are the only two reversible bikinis they have in their collections so far. But make sure to keep an eye out on here every Sunday for Sunday Swimwear as well as on my Instagram for more photos of these awesome bikinis.

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