by - November 29, 2015

I was recently given a $100 to shop at Surania and I wish I had more money to spend because these bikinis are amazing. Not only do you literally get to customize everything on your bikini, you can mix and match the style of the bikini and/or the pattern. This site has so many different styles for women and men as well as kids. Not only that but because it is completely customizable you can create any look you want. Searching for the perfect high waisted bikini bottom, you can find it here. Or buy that with a new bandeau style top, you can choose top only or bottoms only, or both of course. The different options feel endless because you can mix and match so many different styles with patterns. This website is literally perfect for me, I can find so many different bikinis all under one roof.

When you get the the website, go to what you're looking for (women, men, kids) and click what you want to customize. I clicked on full bikini to see all the styles they have to choose from. For my bikini I chose the Underwire style and  selected the Bandeau Balconette Flounce top, I paired it with the Fixed bottoms in High. There are so many patterns to select from, as well as solid colors. When you move your mouse over different areas of the bikini, it will show you each customizable part. You can scroll through the options you want; solid colors or patterns, or you can tick the box of the style you are looking for.
I wanted a certain look for my bikini, one that reminded me of one my mother owned when I was younger. One she wore when we all went to Hilton Head Island back about 17-16 years ago. It was this gorgeous blue and white picnic table patterned, with white daisies on the top hemline. As I scrolled through the styles the company found I stumbled upon an almost exact style. Though this bikini top does not have the white and yellow daisies at the hem, it does have ruffles so that will do. I then decided on a high waisted bikini bottom because even though I don't know if that was my mom's style, they are just so super cute and I don't have one yet. Not only do they have the style of the top but they have the pattern as well! I was super stoked when I saw that because not only do they have it in blue, but they also have it in pink, black, and a deep red. I debated over the pink or blue for about two days before settling on the blue. Though I don't doubt that I'll eventually get the pink sooner or later. For the bottoms I picked a full coverage for the butt, because go big or go home? The inside of all bikinis are going to be the one part of your bikini that you can not customize.

 Once my bikini arrived I was super excited to wear it but super sad that no pools were open anymore. Literally arrived days after the pools closed, but that doesn't mean I didn't try it on anyways. I absolutely love the look of it and it was certainly what I wanted. It has a vintage look to it due to the fact that it reminds me of Lolita and not just my mom's 1999 bikini. I also had enough money to grab an all black high waisted black bikini bottom because why not? I can not praise this company enough, they have so many options to choose from that it's a little overwhelming. In a good way of course because how can designing a rad bikini be anything but great? If you are not into two piece swimsuits they also have one pieces that are customizable too. Again, I can not praise this company enough.

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