10 Stunning Spots

by - December 16, 2015

 I have found so many places around the world that I have either wanted to visit to or live at. Some are little spots that I'd love to spend days at while other places I would totally pack up and move to in an instant. Who know's if I'll ever have the money to go to these places but I so would love to stick my feet in the black sand or dip them in the pink waters. Here are the top ten places I'd love to visit some time during this life time.

Image of Lake Hilier from SANCora

1. Lake Hilier, Australia

Lake Hilier is this amazing pink colored lake that is located in Western Australia on Middle Island. You've probably seen photos of this lake on Tumblr at some point because that's how I found out about it years ago. This lake appears to be solid bubble gum pink from above, and is surrounded by a little rim of sand as well as some dense woodlands of eucalyptus trees. And there is a narrow strip of sand dunes that separates it from the blue Southern Ocean. No one actually knows for sure why the lake is pink, which adds to the reason why I want to visit it. If anyone wants to take a cruise with me to go see it, I'm all for it.
 There is another lake that is pink but this one is the one I first saw, and really want to go to. But if you want to know a bit about the other pink lake in Australia, it's literally called Pink Lake a couple miles from the town of Esperance.

Image of Red Beach from CNTraveler

 2. Kokkini Beach, Greece

 Kokkini Beach is a beach that has bright red sand instead of the regular tan colored sand. This beach is also know as Red Beach and it is another place that I really want to visit, it's located in Santorini, Greece. This beach is set at the base of giant red cliffs that are high over the crystal blue Mediterranean waters. The red sand is actually a result of lava rocks left over from an ancient volcano that essential shaped Santorini thousands of years ago. The contrast of the blue waters and red sand/rocks really draws me into this place. It's really freaking gorgeous and I'd love to just be able to sunbath here with my girl friends. The beach is easily accessible by boat from Akrotíri or Períssa on Santorini. So lets take a boat over to Kokkini Beach and sunbath my snow white skin.

Image of Waianapanapa Beach from Flicker

3. Wai'anapanapa Beach, United States of America

 Wai'anapanapa Beach, also known as Papilla Beach, is a beautiful black sanded beach on the island of Maui, one of the bigger islands of Hawaii. This black beach was formed by waves constantly crashing against the volcanic rock over many decades. There are sea caves here as well as bridges made of natural stone. Also, you are able to check out this old highway that used to encircle the island names King's Highway. I've read that you can swim, scuba diva, and even kayak when the surf is calm. This beach is located in the Wai'anapanapa State Park, where you can camp if you have a permit. Camping in Hawaii is certainly something I want to do during my life time. The two sea caves that are spring-fed is located by following a short trail in the park. If I ever get to Wai'anapanapa Beach I can tell you I'm so getting a permit and camping in that park.

Image of Vaadhoo Island from WhenOnEarth

4. Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

  Vaadhoo Island located in the Maldives has this amazing phenomena that has the title of Sea of Stars. This name is caused by the glowing blue waves due to a natural chemical reaction, bioluminescence. Bioluminescence happens when a microorganism in the water is disturbed by oxygen, causing these little microorganisms to light up. There are other islands in the Maldives that has this phenomena but Vaadhoo seems like the nicest places. I would love to just sit all night with one of my great friends, boyfriend, or random stranger and talk about life while looking at the Sea of Stars. 

Image of Whitehaven Beach from Queensland

5. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

 Whitehaven Beach is an award winning beach located on Whitsunday Island is a freaking gorgeous place I want to go. This beach and island is in Queensland, Australia which is another reason why I just want to go to Australia and I mean like anywhere in Australia. This beach is literally on the largest of 74 islands that makes up the Whitsundays. This beach is almost four and a half miles long, over seven kilometers. I would totally spend the day walking this beach, swimming in the water, and laying in the bright white silica sand, which happens to be amongst the purest in the world! The wispy look of this beach makes me want to fly there now and never come back. The northern end of the beach is Hill Inlet which is said to be a stunning inlet where the tide shifts the sand and the water to create this stunning look with all the colors. There is a lookout at a place called Tongue Point that is said to be the best spot to view the beach's beauty. You can get there by ferries, yachts, power boats, and some luxury cruising yachts that depart from Airlie Beach. There are also options from sailing companies which offer multi-day charters. 

Image of Marble Caves from WhenOnEarth

6. Marble Caves, Chile

 These gorgeous caves are a part of Cuevas de Marmol which is a 6,000 year old sculpture created by crashing waves of Lake General Carrera of Patagonia in Southern Chile. This sculpture is also known as the Marble Cathedral, which I can totally understand when looking at it. These beautifully intricate caves are actually part of a peninsula that is made of solid marble surrounded by this glacial lake. This stunning crystal blue glacial lake, Lake General Carrera, spans the Chile-Argentina border so you can hit two countries at once if you'd like. These waters actually change, which I find makes this place even more amazing because you could go four different times a year and it'll look different because of the water levels dictated by weather and season. The Marble Cave's appearance in early spring has shallow turquoise water that creates a crystal like shimmer against the caves swirling walls. During summer though the water levels can increase and the water is a deep blue color which gives the cave a unearthly shade. Glaciers are actually the reason the water levels, color, and look of the caves change. To see these stunningly magnificent caves, you have to go through a difficult and long adventure, but it looks to me like it's worth it. First you have a flight to the Chilean capital, Santiago, then travel 800 miles on major highways to Coyhaique. Then a 200 mile drive on rough dirt roads towards Lake General Carrera. Lastly, you'll need a boat to get to these caves, but again it is totally worth it to see this view.

Image of Kelimutu Crater Lakes from Photovolcania

7. Kelimutu Crater Lakes, Indonesia

  There are actually three different lakes at Kelimutu Crater Lakes on Flores Island in Indonesia. In the photo below there are two lakes, the light blue one is Twu Nua Muri Kofah, also known as Lake of Young Men and Maidens. The darker turquoise is Twu Ata Polo, also known as Bewitched Lake. The one not pictured is almost a red/brown/black color named Twu Ata Mbupu, also known as Lake of Old People. Now if you haven't noticed already, I happen to really want to travel to colorful sanded beaches, unusually colored lakes, and a glowing beach (not to mention a glowing cave that didn't make this list but almost did). So seeing these lakes I just want to grab like a cool shaped contained and scoop up some water from these lakes. Don't think I can but they're amazing to look at. I've read that visiting a little after sunrise is the best time because, since there is volcanic activity, the place clouds over a bit during the day some times. But overall I think this would be a great place to visit.

Image of Grand Prismatic Spring from JacksonHole

8. Grand Prismatic Spring, United States of America

  In Wyoming there is this beautiful spring that is like a flipping rainbow puddle. It is located in Yellowstone National Park and is known for being the park's largest hot spring. This giant rainbow puddle is, approximately, 370 feet in diameter and is over 121 feet deep. This hot spring is the third largest hot spring in the world and largest in the United States. You have to drive to Midway Geyser Basin which is located on the same loop as Old Faithful. I never knew this was located in Yellowstone, let alone a thing, so the trip to here my mom mentions every once in a blue moon as a great idea now sounds amazing. The water itself is a vibrant blue with a red color that looks like lava surrounding it. But what looks like lava obviously isn't, its actually pigmented bacteria. This awesome looking bacteria forms mats around the edge of the water, and the bacteria isn't all red though. The color can range from green to red actually depending on different things, like temperature. In summer the mats can be orange and red while in winter they are like a dark green. The only reason the vibrant blue isn't covered by multi-colored mats is because of how hot it is. Obviously, this heat means no swimming (the temperate can vary from 147-188 degrees Fº during the year) but it's still really cool to visit I bet. The admission into National Park is only $25 per car or $12 per person so I say grab a bunch of people, put them in the car, pack your trunk, and head here because that's admission for the entire park.

Image of Salar de Uyuni from BoomsBeat

9. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

 Salar de Uyuni is in Southwest Bolivia and is the world's largest salt flats, as well as the world's largest mirror. This stunning place was formed as a result of transformations between several prehistoric lakes actually. There is a few feet of salt crust that covers this large lake, which contributes to this mirror effect. This place looks so cool and I've seen so many photos of it but never knew where it was or what it was called besides "Mirror Lake". I've seen many photos of a white Jeep driving across this extraordinary thin lake while being mirrored off the water's surface. Now this is the world's largest salt flat right? Well take a guess how many feet it is before carrying on... It covers 11,985 feet, which is 4,633 square miles. Now though this place is very amazing and a great place to go to just to see or take photos, you have to choose a tour operator that won't let you die. There are fatal accidents due to unsafe vehicles and drivers, this isn't unheard of. I read that to make sure you are safe, check your vehicle for seatbelt, emergency radio transmitters, and first aid. Of course as your tour guide about their level of training and experience. Though I'm not exactly a traveler I think you should do that no matter what place you choose to explore. I absolutely want to still visit this place of course, and to be honest if I did die here at least I get to see a stunning sight before I go. As morbid as that sounds, it's sort of true.

Image of Heart Reef from Rebeccabrace

10. Heart Reef, Australia

 Australia is honestly one place I really want to go and here's another reason why, Heart Reef. Also located in Queensland, surrounded by gorgeous bright blue waters is Heart Reef. A literal name for what it is obviously, and it is also part of the Whitsundays in the Great Barrier Reef. This particular reef is an absolutely stunning composition of corals that has naturally formed into the shape of a perfect heart. Future boyfriend/fiance/husband take notice that if you really want to do something incredible, propose to me here. We can just get eloped, you can tie a piece of guitar string around my finger, and that's it. But if you do it here, I'll probably die but at least we got engaged. (Honestly though slip a Ring Pop on my finger somewhere like a street corner in whatever city we live in and I'd be happy too.) Though this place is known for doing just that, the proposal part not the Ring Pop part. Heart Reef has been the site of many proposals and declarations of love over the years since it's been discovered on accident in 1975. If you tell you pilot about your plans they'll be able to help you with some extra flight time over the famous icon even. 

 Those are my top ten spots that I would absolutely love to go to before I die, if I can go to at least one of these stunning spots I'll be happy. I'd love to learn about more extraordinary places so please feel free to share some places you'd love to go or have been to!

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