Açaí Piper Low-Rider

bottoms from Surania

Another bikini sent to me from Eidon from their collection for women was this blue beauty. I don't think I have any bikinis that are this rich of a blue but this is definitely now one of my favorite bikinis. I say that about all of them pretty much but some seem to bump some down a notch or two. This is my third favorite of the four they sent me.
 This bikini set is titled Açaí, the bottoms are labeled Low-Rider most likely due to the fact that they sit low on your hips. While the bikini top is labeled with the name Piper. Unlike the other two I reviewed, this one does not have an option of different ties. This bikini has one simple golden clasp in the back to hook together. The Açaí bikini does not have any cuts or twists in the bikini bottoms but at the stitching it does have a little bit of a scrunched up look. And just like the rest of my Eidon bikini bottoms, it has a little golden label stitched on to the bottoms with the word Eidon etched into it.
 The bikini top, just like the other three, does have spots to insert some padding if you'd like. There is a small amount of padding in all the tops but its practically paper thin. The wire in the bikini to form the cups is completely sewn in that god, I know I'm not the only one that has somehow lost one of those pesky wires before. The top has gold clasps on the straps as well to help cross the straps across your back, though you can't tie it differently you can do that. The straps are also adjustable as well, with golden clasps to do so.
 Eidon is sold online as well as in stores, so if you'd like to find a store that sells these bikinis by you then head over to their website and fill in your city to check it out. The link for that will be right here.
bottoms from Surania

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