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 After my day at the Taft Museum of Art, which you can read about here if you haven't already, my mother, sister, and I drove around downtown Cincinnati looking for a place to eat. Unfortunately we had two things going against us that day. One; it was a Sunday afternoon and everything was pretty much closing up once we got there. Second; our at home football game just ended and everyone was getting out at the same time we were heading further into downtown.
  My first pick was Holtman's Donut Shop, I've never been in but all the tagged photos on Instagram prove to me that I could spend my college savings on donuts and be okay with it. Like they don't just put sprinkles on them, they can also put freaking cereal and peanut butter chips and marshmallows and bacon on donuts. That place is like my freaking dream shop, and once I get to eat there I swear I'll post photos of my donuts so you can see.
 Though we couldn't go there we went to one of my favorite places in OTR that sounded just perfect, nothing else sounded even remotely great at the moment. We went to get some HOE fries and a Dirty Sanchez at Hang Over Easy. Let me just tell you that their menu alone makes the trip worth it, so many hilarious great names to great picks. And before even walking inside their signs by the door made my day, Cards Against Humanity jokes plastered above our heads. I got the Struggling to Get Up and added chocolate chips, so basically two pancakes the size of my head with chocolate chips baked in. Seriously like the name of the place fits it so well because every time I go I see college kids who may or may not be hung over. Plus they have Over Easy eggs, and great names for those eggs.
 We had a freaking wonderful time eating there and talking about our day, Instagram, past people who we randomly thought of, and the things we wanted to do next. I seem to only eat there during winter because while taking my sister to see the awesome comic book layout on the wall across from the bathrooms I realized there was a back patio to eat out at. I always figured that spot belonged to the club that was underneath HOE but I was indeed wrong. So hopefully during summer I can grab a bite to eat there with my friends, it's a little chilly nowadays.
 Back to the comic book and bathrooms. So, with the name Hang Over Easy, obviously there will be a couple jokes on that. Not only is the place also pretty much a bar, but the comic book shows the night of a girl and her friends out drinking. The story takes place all in photos framed up on the wall and painted comics along the way. It's a great story honestly that you should read if ever waiting in line for the bathroom. Speaking of the bathroom, good luck figuring out the sink if you're drunk because it took me at least 5 minutes the first time I figured it out, and I don't drink considering I'm only 18 in America. But seriously, I couldn't get a photo of the sink because people were checking their makeup, but this sink is amazing. It's a long, thin, copper pipe over a slightly slanted white slab. That's literally the sink, I had to drag my sister in to show off the fact that I knew how to use it. She still didn't understand how it worked exactly even after she used it so good luck.

 After our HOE fries and magical sinks, we headed out to UO to check out some of their items to add to our Christmas list. I don't usually buy clothes from Urban Outfitters because I seem to gravitate more towards their other items like records, camera items, and just freaking weird items they sell. Though, thank god I went, I found a pair of sunglass I absolutely love that also actually look good with my nose shape. Usually I always have small problem with sunglass when it comes to my nose because of the bump below the bridge of my nose, but these circle sunglasses had the perfect look to them, I can't find them online but if anyone knows what these are called in general please leave a comment, I'll forever love you.
 But while there, I found out that UO is bringing back the cassette tapes and I am totally all for it. Like I am 100% all for cassette tapes being a thing again so I can finally dust off my boom box and bring it to every damn party I am never going to be invited to. But the thing is, I can totally see Lana Del Rey release all her albums on vinyl but not cassettes for some reason. Taylor Swift too, I mean she could pull of a cassette tape of 1989 considering the sound of it. For me, like I said with polaroids, vinyl has a certain sound to it in itself just like cassettes do. If you take a photo on a polaroid it isn't going to look like a digital photo or one from a disposable camera. If you listen to a song from iTunes radio, it isn't going to sound the same as from a record. But with the right album on a cassette, like 1989, you will totally see me with my mom or dad's old cassette player.
 There are now so many things on my Christmas list from Urban Outfitters that I'm in love with because of our maybe 20 minute trip there. Even though I rarely buy from there going to the one in Cincinnati is always cool because it's and old church turned into a store. Plus the stairway to the basement is awesome, weird thing to say but I love stair cases. Though right when you go to leave, I love the water fountain that has mosaic tiles and a little quote. That was pretty much the end of my day downtown but it's always fun to get out and explore my hometown a bit, whether it's new places or old.
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