Guava Madison Mila

 Eidon you've spoiled me, you have sent me some gorgeous bikinis that I can't wait to throw on! I love how you picked out ones of solid colors as well as covered in a pattern. Plus the range of styles and cuts are perfect. I can't thank you enough!
 This is just one of four that they have sent me in a range of colours that are all wonderful. This one has the name Guava printed on the label; the top is in the style of Madison while the bottoms are titled Mila. The top can be tied in two different styles in the back and is also obviously adjustable. I love the way the back of the bikini looks when on and tied, it's simply two cute in both ways. Changing the styles of the ties is a little tricky for me but only because I suck at following instructions, they do show on a tag both ways of styling.
 The bottoms have a little twist and cut with straps on the sides of the bottoms. Personally I love bikini bottoms that have a simple style but something cute, like the side straps. I'm not for big bows on the backs, or lots of tassels, I mean I'll wear those bikinis but I lean towards simple ones first when shopping. The cut is perfect for people that, like me, don't exactly want to show off their butt when sun bathing. It's not full coverage but it isn't like a cheeky thong cut either, I could definitely not pull that type of cur off nor do I want to at the moment.
 Though this bikini is only one color, simply cut, simply tied, and fits the definition of Plane Jane, it's certainly one of my favorites of the bikinis they sent me. I just love the color so much, it's not quiet a bright mint green but it's close. This would have to be my second favorite of the four.
Jade said...

This seriously my favorite bikini you've posted about!

Addie said...

Gorgeous bikini

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