Recently Jets swimwear sent me two of the most gorgeous bikinis I have ever seen. Seriously they have some amazingly designed pieces of swimwear, though the ones I really loved were all out of stock so grab them quickly before they go out again. They have a wide range of patterns and styles to choose from as well as coverups to choose from. But not only do they have bikinis, one pieces, and coverups, they also have workout gear to pick from. Their bathing suits are expensive though due to the fact that they are luxury bathing suits. I still highly recommend you checking them out though, these bathing suits are to die for. Check out their Instagram here.
The first one I selected was the High Neck Swimsuit in Paradise. (Sold here for $183) The mix of a floral pattern and criss crossed squares in hues of blue made me fall in love with this one piece. As well as the open cut in the back that reconnects behind the neck. The overall style and print on this piece is really stunning. It's sort of like a collage of geometric shapes, watercolor flowers, and sketched up leaves makes the pattern stand out from their other prints. I usually get a medium when it comes to one pieces due to my long torso, and this is an Australian company, so make sure to match your size to their numbers to get the right fit. They do have a size chart under Customer Service that I highly recommend you use if you aren't from Australia just to make figuring it all out easier, I always use these just to make sure.
 Another thing I love about this bikini besides the pattern is that it really is sort of timeless. It has a vintage yet modern look to it, like many of their bathing suits do. Their selection includes ones that I believe Marilyn Monroe would have worn because of the elegance but also appealing look to them. They have high waisted selections to choose from as well as simple solid colors for many styles. They have a few wetsuits too if that's more of your style, or a bathing suit with lots of cuts in the fabric to show off more skin. Honestly they have so many different styles and patterns that I would be surprised if someone couldn't find a bathing suit they liked. Their bathing suits are high quality and greatly put together.
 This second beautiful one piece is the Bandeau Swimsuit in Botanic Bloom. (Sold here for $180)  It is strapless but they do include a thin white strap to clasp on to your one piece if you want it. The combination of dark and bright colors on this bathing suit, with two striking white stripes to outline a pear shape made me fall in love with it. The way the white stripes make your body look almost more defined really adds to the bathing suit itself. The pattern on the outer sides of the white stripes has the same pattern as the front and back, but it's on a white background instead of a dark navy blue. The orange/red flowers and vines really ties the colors all together in my opinion from dark to light.
 Like I said earlier, use the size chart. Though I got the totally correct size for this bikini, with my smaller chest I may have trouble keeping the bathing suit up without the straps. Thank god for optional straps, the bathing suit stays up without them but if a wave crashes on me who knows how I'll pop back up. But overall I find this one piece to be amazing and love it a lot.

 Another reason that this company is great, is that they work with charities. They don't just stick with one thing but in fact they work with many different types of charities while doing many different things. Check the information on that out here.

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