Multi Kali Zinnia

 The last bikini I was given by Eidon is my favorite on them all. It is a mix of three different patterns all put into one bikini. For what seems to be the main fabric you have a pink, almost orange, color with white lines going down the print. The white lines look almost like extremely thin and stretched out S's facing back and forth. Then you have a pattern that looks almost like zebra stripes, the main color seems to be white while the stripes are a bright green. Then for the fabric that is least used, you have a white background with light tan arrows on top. The arrows actually look almost like a computer cursor without the little 'handle' in my opinion.
This bikini is titled Multi while the bikini bottoms is labeled Strappy Zinnia and the top Lopp Kali Slider. The top has an intricate back with the straps that, I will admit, took me a couple minutes to figure out how to put it on. Though it took me a second to figure it out, I do really love the top. With the different patterns on the top, it makes it really stand out in my opinion. All the patterns and colors compliment each other while still matching to make one dazzling bikini.
 The bottoms for this bikini also have all three patterns working to make one superb bikini. The bottoms have three straps at your hip with the white and tan pattern. These little straps make for a nice little addition to the bikini, making it not as plane as some of the other bikinis. The bottoms are a bit of a cheeky cut but still very flattering. This one is certainly my favorite of the four because of the mix of patterns, the cuts in the bottoms, and the back of the bikini top. I honestly can't wait to be laying on the South Carolina beaches soaking up the sun in this bikini.
Anonymous said...

So far this is my favorite that you have
Reviewed .. Would love to see what these look like on a person .or a maniquen so we could really see what they look like on a body instead of just
On a fabric .. Keep up your nice reviews

Annie Laddle said...

This is my fave too, just ordered it������❤️❤️❤️

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