Social Media Boy Crush

by - December 25, 2015

 Recently one of my favorite Youtubers posted such a cute photo of himself that me, being the fangirl I am, had to change out my Christian Slater and Winona Ryder in Heather's lock screen, for him. I mean this photo was all kinds of cute and somehow manly, that I got feelings hard for him. Again, actually, because I've had them before and hit the rollercoaster of 'feels' that other fans also go through at times.
 Now I won't say what was going on in this photo because it will totally and completely expose who this handsome man is, and the fact that even if I blur out his face, his name is still all over that photo. But I will talk about the whole crushing topic, having a crush on someone who is in a boyband, a Youtuber, an actor, etc.
 Personally, I would love the chance to simply hold this man's hand because he's just an amazing person. Like let me just hold your hand while you tell me about all your adventures across the globe. We don't have to get married or anything, though I'd totally love that, but I honestly just want to get to know this person better. Dates are an added bonus of course if that were to happen. 
 You know that feeling when it happens though, when you get that feeling that you like this total stranger. Sometimes it hits you the second you see their face on your suggested videos, or when they're in a collab with your favourite Youtuber. Other times it's when you watch a bunch of their videos and realise, wow this person is funny, cute, kind, and caring. After that, you of course have to follow this handsome man on any social media you two share. You get excited for when he posts his next video, waiting for laughs at the great new challenge/game he invited. Then you hear he has a book, movie, or other products coming out soon so you plan to buy those to support him. Which that last one is also just being a kind fan, but still. 
 This internet crush idea is just so weird when you really break it down and think about it. You know maybe everything about this boy thanks to his Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube. You both share the same sense of humour and love of pranks so you just know you're soulmates, no one can say otherwise. You feel weirdly sad but happy that his celebrity girl crush is now married and off the market, for now at least. You have your notifications on for Twitter and smile when you see his 140 character joke. 
Most likely you're like me, accidentally daydreaming a lot about this person and different fantasies. You can totally see yourself in this person's amazingly cool life, I mean you're you and you're amazingly cool as well so why not? You've heard about those fan girls who end up with their crushes, it happens. It could so happen for you. It could totally happen. 
 Though I won't spill my social media boy crush, I will admit to having these super fun and silly day dreams about him. He doesn't live in my city, state, or country so I can totally see myself showing him around my city. Going to his first American football game, his second baseball game because the Reds are better than the Yankees, go to the aquariums, dance on the big piano downtown, explore things I haven't even seen. Family holidays would be so cool because we get to pack a bunch of people into one house, and I know my family would love his witty jokes. I imagine just normal everyday things, as well as exciting life changing adventurous in a random city in Australia. It's things you would daydream about with your crush from math class in high school. But this time it's someone you don't even know and I find that so weird. 
Who's your social media crush?

UPDATE: Okay have you seen Jake T. Austin and his new girlfriend, this literally only confirms what I'm talking about. Big LOL to that!

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