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 This past Sunday my mother and sister took me to the Taft Museum of Art downtown, if you live in or around Cincinnati I suggest you go, it's free on Sundays! If, like me, you had to learn the names of all the presidents as a kid then the name Taft will sound familiar to you. William Howard Taft accepted the nomination for U. S. president underneath the house’s portico, he was the half-brother of Charles Phelps Taft who was one of the owners of this home. The home has so many different things to see at the moment, the two current exhibits are Heroism in Paint:  A Master Series by Jacob Lawrence and my personal favorite, Antique Christmas. The next upcoming exhibit starting Feb. both is Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh: Impressions of Landscape. That is one I am so going to have to go to due to my love of Monet and Van Gogh. 

 I did absolutely love seeing the Antique Christmas exhibit again with a couple different pieces here and there. All around the giant home were old fashion christmas ornaments, christmas trees, gifts, and dolls. Things that my mom thinks she may have had, which were probably passed down from her grandparents. There were so many creepy but gorgeously painted porcelain baby dolls dressed up in frilly lace dresses. A bunch of old Frosty the Snowmen, so many old teddy bears, a bunch of christmas trees that were Charlie Brown worthy too. My mother has a couple antique Christmas items that we saw here too, so finding out a bit more information on when these pieces were first introduced.

Each room had it's own theme of colors, including it's own marble fire place. Walk into one room and it has yellow walls, green carpets, dark brown wood, white trim around the fire place, and grey marble. Perhaps that room had fancy blue and white china, but the next room had light green Chinese plates with pink walls, red floors, and a black marble fireplace. It's like a different person designed each room for a totally different house. I fell in love with all of the fire places of course because I love marble. But the little pieces on the sides of the fireplace top, and the art piece above the fireplace was always beautiful. There were so many portraits throughout the museum, including one that I believe was painted at the White House of William Howard Taft. There was one I forgot to snap a photo of; it was this woman in white with a blue ribbon around her waist and one around her head. She was pale with blonde hair, the painting was so striking that I think I stood there for maybe 10 minutes. It was certainly my most favorite painting out of them all that I saw in the halls, and I'm thoroughly sad that I forgot to read who it was.

 On some of the walls further down were murals that went to the ceiling of different scenes of nature. And after our trip, while we got lunch, we learned that in fact the Taft house is said to be haunted by Annie Taft who wears her long pink gown while sometimes listening to music. Many other ghosts haunt the halls of the Taft, but Annie is best known. Though there is a man who may be David Sinton, which is Annie's father, who passed away in the home. With all the busts and portraits of the people who have been there and more, I'm not surprised some people don't want to leave this gorgeous place.

The dining room was so gorgeous with a private little room off the back of it. The dining table was even set up with fancy things that reminded me of a low-key Gatsby vibe that I was totally falling for. I could totally imagine a Great Gatsby themed party being thrown here considering it was built about 1820. I would have loved to live a past life in the Taft home throwing parties and showing off all the art. I can only imagine living or staying in a magnificent place like this because obviously I don't think the Taft museum has any vacant beds anymore. But could you imagine living here? Like now it's a museum, and it isn't some huge mansion like estate but it is large. It had parts added on to in the past decades, but the lay and style of this home is fantastic. I can't say that enough.

Since each room had it's own theme, it also had it's own style when it came to furniture, lights, curtains, etc. and these items made a the room look old fashioned and elegant. All the gorgeous velvet red couches, the long silky white curtains, the large crystal chandeliers, and large paintings everywhere. Though we weren't allowed to sit on the old red antique couches, I took a couple photos. And to be completely honest I could see myself totally laying on one of those couches in old luxuries dresses. Picture Marilyn Monroe type dresses with beautiful makeup and perfectly curled hair but, well, me. The chandelier in this room was my particular favorite because of the way it hung and was designed. I desperately wanted a picture of myself facing the fireplace, with the chandelier somehow in view as well as the red couch, but that was way to hard. And of course, me asking for someone (even my mom) to take a photo of me in public is sort of hard. Add the fact that guards were right outside the doorways made it harder. But what was great about the guard was that one in particular had a great laugh at my sister and I bickering about living here.

My sister saw me taking this photo of the fire place, the second chandelier in the room, and probably the fifth painting angled a bit above a red seat centered in the room. She wanted me to take a photo of her sitting on the red little seat all prim and proper, then take one like "I live here" she said. Of course, me being me, her lovely sister, I had to remind her that she only had 42¢ in her bank account. With only 42¢ in her bank account, no way could she live here let alone afford a door knob in this place. The guard had a good old laugh at us bickering back and forth before I snapped the photo and took off to the next room. Though with 42¢ today she would have about $8.50 back in 1820, though probably still couldn't afford most of this home. We continued to explore this lovely home, now museum, and looked outside at the patio before heading out for a bit of an adventure downtown for the rest of the day. You can read more about my downtown adventure in my next blog post.

 Overall I really loved being in the Taft Museum of Art again and it makes me want to go to more museums to see more art. Hopefully I'll be able to see Monet and Van Gogh when it comes, perhaps for my 19th birthday I'll head in. If you have the chance while in Cincinnati and want to learn a little history, I certainly recommend you check out the Taft and see what exhibit they have going on. Sundays are free so you get to enjoy all of this history, plus they have a gift shop and cafe downstairs which looks lovely to grab a bite to eat at.

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My aunts once took me there YEARS ago!

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