Citrus Squeeze

Yesterday I received a little belated Christmas present from Iladaze which consisted of this super fun bikini. This bikini is in the style Oasis and titled Citrus Squeeze due to the fun repeating lemon pattern. Right now this exact bikini, and the one I'll be showing you next week, are only 10 AUD (6.95 USD) which is a steal! This bikini is not only incredibly cute, but also very comfortable to wear.
Iladaze sells bikinis, one pieces, and throws that you can grab and head to the beach with. When you go to their website they have a great post about what Iladaze means. And reading that posts takes me back to sunny Summer days! They say that 'Iladaze is that feeling you get when you're lying on your favorite island beach; palm trees swaying above you, toes wiggling in the sand, seawater curling your hair, salt drying to your skin. Like it's all just a perfect sunny daydream, a tropical daze of sorts. It's that moment when you're completely content with just the sun on your skin and an endless sea of blue at your feet.' Now if that doesn't make you want to purchase a plane ticket, buy some new bikinis, and head out for a month to your favorite island then I don't know what will.
The Citrus Squeeze bikini top is adjustable as well as reversible. If you wear it with the repeating citrusy lemon pattern showing then you'll only see the yellow on the straps. But if you were to flip this top around you'd be able to show off the bright yellow part of this pretty bikini top. Same goes with the bottoms! Flip our bottoms inside out and you get a bright yellow as well! Best thing about this is mixing and matching so you have four bikinis in one. The bikini bottoms have a Brazilian Booty Cut which are a little cheeky for me but I'll totally still wear these. That cut is especially great for when you're working on you tan! Just pop these on, grab a towel, snatch up a book, and go lay on your stomach out in the sun as you work on strengthening your tan lines.
 All in all I really love this bikini, not only for the fun pattern but also the bright yellow just in the straps. Citrus Squeeze is certainly one of my new favorites out of all the bikinis I've spoken about on here. It's on sale as of now so go grab it while you can!

 Did you know that Iladaze is currently holding a contest to win a bikini on their Instagram page? Iladaze's Instagram shows you exactly what you need to do by January 25th 2016 to win one of their pretty bikinis for yourself!

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