Daisy Days

 Bright fun colours against a nice dark tan is what I love about summer. Now, with the sun bringing a risk of skin cancer, of course I'm talking more about a spray tan but still... love that look for summer. This bikini with the bright pink and yellow, add in a little white crochet and black trim, it's perfect.
 I've fallen in love with the neoprene bikinis that Triangl produces and love the bright colours they use. Their new styles and designs have me loving them even more. But, though I love them, I can't afford all of them. So what did I do? I searched for a well recommend dupe. We all know about Brakinis of course, but here is one from a completely different store for even less. I got mine from a company who works through Alibaba. Their website is all run through there and I was able to get this perfect neoprene bikini for only $23!
 This bikini is exactly like a Triangl bikini in every way except for the fact that they don't have the word TRIANGL printed on the zipper. And unlike Brakinis, they don't have a label on the outside of the bikini. It's has no brand name on it so really, you could just say it's a Triangl if you absolutely wanted to... no one is going to be grabbing the zipper of your top to check the fine print.
 The only downside to this bikini is that you can't order separate sizes. I am normally a small for my top and medium for my bottoms, but I got a medium overall. Even though it's only one size, my small bust seems to fit pretty well in the medium sized top.
 They have many other styles of neoprene bathing suits, as well as non-neoprene bathing suits to choose from too! If you're looking to buy just one, you can do that. But with the shipping being cheap as well as the bathing suits all being cheap as well I say buy a bunch at once. They even have color combinations of neoprene bikinis that you can't get anywhere else! I have a handful of other ones I certainly have lined up to purchase.

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