Essena O'Neill

by - January 13, 2016

 Well it looks like what was said about Essena eventually making a book is true. I went on her website every once in a while to see what she was talking about or saying, and it was pretty much just tumblr and youtube combined... but I just thought if she wants to continue with social media and claim she's off of it then that's up to her. It's her life, whatever.
 But yesterday a picture of her popped up on my tumblr and I figured I would look at her website once more, only to realize it was totally gone. I mean like the whole 'letsbegamechangers' is gone and it's simple with her name in large bold print and ten smaller sized words underneath it.
 I decided to put on my Nancy Drew cap and figure out exactly what had happened since I last went on to her website, which was pretty much days after her ending of social media. I found one tumblr account who belonged to an old friend of Essena's which said things that I had read after I posted my last blog entry about her. This girl named Brittany, you can read her posts here, answered questions people had about Essena and what she was doing now as well as then.
 The first question was about Essena's red flags. To take two paragraphs and chop them down a bit, she spoke of when rumors spread about a bunch of people including Jay and Alexis, an instagram couple Essena apparently strived to be like, with her Disney star ex-boyfriend. Once Brittany shut rumors about herself and Jay down, Jay messaged her and I guess Essena's inner middle schooler lashed out. Brittany said Essena was 'acting like a 13 year old who had a crush on a guy that messaged her best friend'. Hence, inner middle schooler, which I know we all still have in us a little bit. I'll admit I can be childish about things too but Brittany said that Essena was furious at her yet couldn't say why. She goes on to point out in the second paragraph that Essena still goes on the internet to leave messages to her former friends. But these messages aren't exactly the kindest and she leaves them anonymously, though her wording is spot on her, which got her busted by Brittany.
 Now I can't of course confirm any of this but if this is true, I just have to say Essena did a 180 quickly. I used to follow her more for her pretty pictures than her rants that changed views all the time. About a year ago my friend had commented on her photo saying her own opinion which went against Essena's views and literally in minutes my friend was blocked from Essena's page. Fast forward to 4 months ago and my friend was able to be unblocked and saw Essena's view was now the same as hers. You're obviously able to change your views on things but reading this next answer made me realize that her blocking people that were only trying to speak about their opinion was just one childish thing she did. I can see blocking people who leave nasty comments but when someone is simply replying to another person and says nothing rude, why block them?
 This next answer replies to someone asking if Brittany still speaks to Essena. When I read this I realized that even I was sort of ignoring her actions that were right there in front of me when I started following her a year or so ago. I followed her Tumblr and Instagram as well as watched a handful of her Youtube videos. Once I started reading what her former friends said about the real her, I started realizing things that went with what they were saying from things I saw in videos, pictures, and tumblr replies.
 The last reply she has that I read was about her deleting everything from her website and making a book. I added in my last post about this whole Essena fiasco, a video at the end, one where it said she will probably be making a book to bring in more money from her followers. Once I read this I realized that it was true, things she said about her followers that were really twisted and rude were true. She saw followers as dollar signs and only that. She's only one of so many people who take part in advertising on social media, myself included. She's only one person with the 'money on my mind' mentality. I personally won't say I'm not going to buy her book because I can't make an opinion on it if I've never read it. I don't want to be handing my money over to her but you can't judge a book by it's cover right? And to be honest, though I know she will be trashing all forms of social media, she'll probably end up giving out tips on marketing. She'll probably spill her marketing secrets that can end up helping people running a business through social media. Her entire book, if like her website, will be negative rants about what happened, but at the same time talk about things she did to improve her follower number. So if you're someone who has an Instagram account advertising your homemade bath bombs or jewelry, it might actually help you.
 I personally don't think many people will buy her book only because she's already said everything there is to say online, and people have already read it. But by time this book comes out in 2016 or 2017 people probably won't be talking about her anymore... I feel bad for her, that something happened to her that caused her to crave any form of attention there is to grab. I wish someone could sit her down and simply tell her, and maybe her younger self, that attention isn't what you need to live. There are good and bad forms of attention and a lot of what she's bringing onto herself to reach the good is a lot of bad. Her book might even create people who have the same mentality as she does, create people who only want followers for the money and fame. I just hit 60,000 followers on Instagram right before the new year started and I'll admit the first thing I thought was 'wow I'm actually sort of close to 100,000!' But I didn't think of that because I can get money from 100,00 followers. I thought of that because I was amazed that 60,000 people wanted to follow me and I wondered if 100,000 ever would.
 Many people who have 9 million subscribers on Youtube or 1 million on Instagram don't think 1,000,000 followers equals $1,000,000. So just because Essena does, doesn't mean others do. Don't allow the one person with a bad mentality ruin everything for everyone else. Sam Pepper still has a Youtube account and I don't let that ruin my fun of watching Zoella or ThatcherJoe.

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