Navy Tiki Madison

  Eidon Surf sent me four lovely bikinis that are desperately wanting to go out in the warm summer sun, or at least I do in these beautiful bikinis. This cold weather is absolutely killing me, I just want my toes in the warm sand while I lay out in this pretty patterned bikini and watch the waves crash. This certain bikini it titled Navy on the labels, while the top is labeled Madison and the bottoms are labeled Tiki. This one is my fourth favorite of them all, it was so hard to decide which ones where my absolute favorite compared to an everyday favorite.

The pattern on this particular bikini is stunningly gorgeous, I love the navy blue background with the bright green and pink along with white. Looking at the added tan and shades of purple snuck into this pattern gives it a lovely look when all put together. Just like the other Madison top I spoke about, Guava, this one too has a choice of two options to style the ties. The bright green ties on the top are a perfect fit for this bikini obviously, I think the green works better than any other color would have.
 The bottoms have the same green tie, these bottoms are simply held together by these small ties. The cut for these bottoms are a little bit more cheeky than the others. This cut shows off a little bit more skin while still obviously covering your butt.
 Another reason why I love this company is because they give back. They help give back to the world instead of simply being a money grabbing company. Waves for Water was set up inn 2009, it's mission is to bring clean water to places that don't have that. Clean water is what most of us have so easily and everyday that we don't even think about it. I bet you rarely think "wow getting clean drinking water is something that some kids don't have" simply because it's just an everyday thing for you. Eidon includes the help of surfers who travel to help spread the ability to get clean water. They partnered with Hurley in order to start the Clean Water Couriers program. This program has the surfers acting like couriers while traveling, bringing water filters with them on their travels to developing countries. When searching for a wave, they can also help people get clean water simply by bringing a filter with them. On their website they explain how these surfers can help, stating that they can pack these filters in their suitcases on their trips and "either connect with local non-profits in that area or personally travel to villages to set them up yourself". What they are offering and doing is a great way of giving back to the world.

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