New Year's

 I have a couple goals I'd like to complete by the end of 2016. I feel like some I'll be able to complete while others I will probably forget about once February comes around if I'm honest with myself. We all have those that we make and forget, which is okay because we're human. But a lot of these I'd like to try and keep up at least until Summer.

  1. Laugh more than I did last year
  2. Eat more chocolate
  3. Do more of what makes me happy
  4. Cry less, like a lot less
  5. Learn to control my anxiety better
  6. Push myself more
  7. Eat better, drink more water
  8. Exercise more
  9. Get outside more
  10. Keep organized
  11. Read more
  12. Make more friends
 I know that this is a short list, but I feel like one for every month is a good goal. If I can make a bunch of new friends in March that last me forever, then I think my goal is complete. If I can keep my room and life organized at least for a month or so straight, that's better than last year went. If I read 5 books in a month, that's more than the usual 2 I'd read in a month last year. 
 What are some of your goals for the new year? And how was your New Year's Eve party?

Anonymous said...

Mine are to exercise, eat more fruits and veggies, and go to the beach more!

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