Tidal Illusions

 The third bikini in my little package from Iladaze is this gorgeous geometric patterned tie-dye bikini. In the Tidal Illusions style, you have this wonderful blue and white bikini with the name Salty Sea Blue. They also have this bikini in a pretty pink color incase blue isn't your style, but blue is definitely mine.
 Salty Sea Blue is also reversible, the blue straps are the same color as the blue inside. The straps on this bikini are different from the last two by Iladaze, they style is also different obviously, but these straps are actually three lined up together. The straps give the bikini an added cute look in my opinion, instead of one little thing strap on each shoulder you have three thick blue ones.
The fabric for this bikini, like the other two, is super soft and extremely comfortable. This cute bikini is 80% polyamide and 20% spandex so they fit perfectly.
The bikini bottoms have a cheeky cut to them too but not as cheeky as the last two. The bottoms also have the same geometric pattern over the blue and white tie-dye as the top. I love tie-dye styled anything so being able to have this tie-dye bikini makes my heart skip a beat. I truly love this pattern; the white lines on top of the tie-dye really stands out against the blue wash. I know with a nice tan this bathing suit will look fantastic, but even with out a tan I know you'll look great in this bathing suit.

You still have one more day to enter Iladaze's Instagram contest! It ends tomorrow (January 25th) so enter now. You can enter up the three times. Check out their page for more information!

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