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 Last Friday night my girl friends and I decided to find a college party downtown and go have some fun. Along the way to the party we made played some old songs from out middle school days and make some stops. We headed out towards downtown just before sunset and get there as the sky started to turn a dark orange. Our first stop, Urban Outfitters!
 The one in Clifton is actually an old church that they made look really cool. I love their large orange staircase leading downstairs. Of course I had to snap a few shots of my friends checking out and testing out their selection of records.

  After our stroll through UO and a quick purchase we stopped at the parking garage where we had taken artsy photos years ago for my birthday. I always love being in Clifton during the sunsets because their are so many great spots to view them from, this just being one of them.

Me searching for the cute frat boy I took to Waffle House at 2am

 After our rooftop photoshoot we strolled down to King Wok, our favorite Chinese restaurant in Clifton and shared a plate of Sweet and Sour chicken and Crab Ragoons. Now I enjoy my Chinese food and am very picky about what I get, so when the plate of Sweet and Sour chicken came out soaked with the sauce, I figured I wasn't going to enjoy it but was to hungry to skip it. But once I took a bite I wanted to slide the plate over to me and not share, King Wok has the best Sweet and Sour sauce for their chicken, I don't know what makes it great but it just is.
 We chowed down at King Wok, gossiped about what has been going on in our life since New Years, and accidentally remembered things we didn't want to. As we ate we searched for parties that were around campus, thank you Snapchat, and found a couple to check out. Everything good didn't start till 10:30 so we had some time to kill.
 Since we hadn't been in Clifton for a while we decided to check out some sights, and my friends decided to take me to a hookah bar. I've always imagined hookah bars to be either extremely fancy or like a cool hole in the wall sort of spot. This one was closer to the second spot but I totally enjoyed the atmosphere. I've heard some horror stories about people's first times in hookah bars and thank god I have none to share. Weird but fun fact, Paradise, the hookah bar we went to, has great Oreo cake.
 After the hookah bar we still had about half an hour to kill so we drove to the highest point we could find to look out at the city. We went to The Rookwood and then higher up to Mt. Adam's.

 Once we took our photos at the top of Mt. Adams we headed down towards UC and found our way to the party. And let's just say that's a whole other story. But if you want to hear that, leave a comment below and just maybe I'll tell you all about the party and what crazy thing happened to the poor Frat Boys' house...

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Tell us about the cute boys!

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Please spill to us about the party!

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