Simple Blue

by - February 28, 2016

This bikini is also from Forever 21 and was on clearance, so I doubt this will be around again but the style is very popular. It was a last minute buy to bring my cart up a bit so I could qualify for free shipping, because who can't resist free shipping? Obviously I can't...
 This bikini top is terrific due to its simplicity. It is all blue, and comes with removable straps in case you want to make it strapless.  I believe this was about $12 before clearance and $8 afterwards. This is the closet I can find for the style, but it's in black and actually a lot cuter than mine.
Like I said, this was a last minute buy to round up my cart just enough so I could get the free shipping so I don't have much to say about this bikini sadly. I do love it though, and for $8 it's honestly not that bad of a purchase!
It also sort of reminds me of a neoprene Triangl swimwear top in design. This one is not neoprene and all one colour instead of black trim around each section. But the style is very similar. I paired this with a pair of simple black bottoms when I went to the beach.

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