by - February 07, 2016

 As a kid I loved the little mermaid, always played mermaids with my sister in the pool, and still hold out hope that maybe mermaids are real? I mean come on, most of the ocean has not yet been discovered so who knows? Now with my love of mermaids comes my love of the sea. Though, since I'm not a mermaid I don't get a fancy shell bikini top, but I can get a 'dupe'.
 I got this dupe from Stardust Apparel and it's a gorgeous white bikini top in the shape of a shell. It's extremely simple but really stands out because I've only seen one other bathing suit to ever have a shell top. I thought of pairing this with either white bottoms or a fun bright colour to contrast the plain white.
I do love purple paired with this bikini top though, a nice lavender colour looks really great in my opinion. White goes with everything so of course any colour bottoms you choose to match this with will look stunning. This cheap but great bikini top is certainly something fun to own. There is no real padding or support to hold the cups up but I still really like it. I honestly wish I had something like this when I was younger to allow me to bring my mermaid love to a new height.

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