That One Party

 Many people wanted to hear more about the party after watching my Youtube video and reading my previous blog. There were many questions about many things so I figured why not spill a little about what happened at the one party in Clifton. Also so many questions about that one boy too.

 Once we got to the party it was already packed and everyone was dancing. I'm more of a people watcher than a dancer so I sort of hung out towards the doorway between the kitchen and the family room watching everyone dance. I may or may not have had my eyes on a cute brunette boy doing the same as me across the doorway from me. That was until an old Fergie song came on and the crowd of people in the kitchen playing games flooded over into the family room, including him. By this time I was dancing with my girl friends and singing along. I can't sing or dance for anything but of course that's exactly what I was doing then, singing and dancing. There was a little colorful disco ball in one corner of the room, speakers at every corner, even a South Carolina flag hanging up got a good laugh from my friends and I (who were just speaking about moving there).
 The best part of it all was watching other people dance just as horribly as I was. And by dancing I mean the typical high school dance moves that none of us have grown out of yet. One guy even commented on it thinking exactly how I was, shout out to that man who came back later and asked for my number. Tall man, who knows what year in college, beach blonde hair, super cute.
 My blog is where I open up so I'll admit I saw a couple cute guys at the party that I wish I would have danced with. I'll also admit that I saw a couple extremely drunk people at the party, I'll tell you about a guy named Ian in a moment. But as you know, I don't drink, literally at most I'll let my lips hit the drink, lick my lips to taste, and then the cup is out of my hands. But there were so many drunk college kids that it made people watching the best. There was this one gorgeous blonde girl who was totally into every song they played, screaming the lyrics, dancing like a poorly animated 90's cartoon character. I'm extremely mad that I didn't befriend this girl but she was gone within an hour.
 A boy named Ian kept trying to remember everyone's name, and as he attempted to tell me my name correctly a second time, he called me Phoebe instead. Apparently I look like a Phoebe to all men because my friends' boyfriends seem to call me that and now even more guys do. But Ian, he reminded me of my British friend in Athens because after the party was over and we were heading home, we bumped into him on the street and he lost it. This boy was so shocked and amazed to see us, and then more people from the party who were walking towards us... I love how happy he was to see us again, though he couldn't remember a single name. That's just one thing I loved about this party.
 Another thing I love is that we got Waffle House at 2am. Any time after midnight, I am all for Waffle House. Sometime during the party, the houses water pipes burst and it was horrible. My friends and I offered up free Waffle House to the one guy who was trying to fix it and his friends. He literally dropped what he was doing and said sure, he didn't want to be dealing with this. So off we walked a couple blocks past the campus over to Waffle House. All six of us sat down, inhaled chocolate chip waffles, peanut butter waffles, hash browns, bacon, eggs, and toast. That was one of my best times at Waffle House because the stories we told and heard will literally stick with me forever (not all in a good way lol). Plus I honestly can't get the one guy out of my head, the one who lived there and we first invited. Something about him just stuck with me and though I'm pretty sure I'll never see him again, I'm glad I met him. He's one of those people I meet who says something, tells a story, or makes a joke that sticks with me for a very long time.
 After Waffle House we headed back to my friends house and passed out after chatting for a bit. We all of course promised to do this again soon, so like maybe this weekend? I was actually invited to a frat party the night after this by the guy who got my number, but I didn't think my feet could handle another night of dancing and walking like 50 blocks.

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