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 Someone recently messaged me asking if I could review some of my swimwear I wore on vacation to Hilton Head this past Summer. Now I didn't take many photos of myself wear all of these different bikinis I brought but I do have some. This first one is one I bought from Forever 21 and though they no longer sell it I bet you can find something like this somewhere online.
 Now this is literally the only photo I took of myself wear this bikini while on vacation, and it's a horribly blurry photo that doesn't even show off the bikini well. So to make up for that I of course added a flat lay of this gorgeous bikini as well. But this bikini is honestly super cute, it's one of two leafy bikinis I got this past summer. Both are from Forever 21 but this first one is a bandeau top with a small v cut in the front. In the back it's sliced open and has 5 twisted rope like pieces of fabric to show off your skin a bit. The bottoms have the same thing on the side, cuts to show off your tanned skin. Now I wore this on like the third day of vacation so I got an awkward tan but that faded away quickly once I went out the next day.
 The top I'm talking about is the one in the middle of my suitcase, which was mostly packed of bathing suits... due to my bathing suit/beach addiction.
But anyways... I really loved this bathing suit and I remember it was a little bit more expensive due to the fact you bought the top separately from the bottoms, but I splurged and bought it. I needed bikinis that fitted well since I only had two. This was before my blog started and Sunday Swimwear became a thing on here. So since I only had one pair of bottoms and one top that really fit, with two full weeks of beach time ahead of me I bought this bikini, another leafy one, and a new top.
 Though I know you can't buy these directly from Forever 21 online, I know some stores will bring out their old pieces again to sell the last of what they have. So definitely keep your eye out for these next time you walk into Forever 21.

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