2016 Pantone Colours

by - March 02, 2016

 Pantone released their favorite picks for 2016, and the colours they chose are absolutely wonderful. The pretty pastels for spring, bold colours for summer, great hues for fall, and nice picks for winter.
 I for sure love Rose Quartz, Limpet Shell, Serenity, and even Peach Echo for spring. I have already seen so many bathing suits that include this colour and simply walking past shops I have seen clothes and home decor in that colour too. I basically just painted the family room a Limpet Shell like colour, it's just a little bit darker than my family room.
 Colours I will definitely be wearing in summer along will be Fiesta, Snorkel Blue, and Buttercup. I'll probably throw a bit of Green Flash into my summer wardrobe too, it's a gorgeous colour.
 For fall, certainly Iced Coffee and Buttercup. Maybe bring just a little bit of Green Flash into fall too.  I certainly love brown, orange, and yellow for fall so Buttercup and Iced Coffee are for sure going to be present in my fall wardrobe!
 Lastly, for winter, I see Lilac Gray as a favorite. It's a gray, obviously, but you can see just the smallest tint of purple in it so I think this would be great for winter.
 I normally don't care what the popular colours for the year are, but after seeing these I can totally see why people love them! Keep an eye for these colours while shopping for your clothes this year, I can see there are going to be in a lot of stores.

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