Bandage Blue & Triangle Pink

by - March 13, 2016

 You've seen my posts about Triangl dupes, which have been extremely popular with you all, so I thought I'd share this one as well. If you can't afford any that I have posted about before then this one will hopefully be in your price range. While it is a cheaper pick, that comes with a cost.
 The cost for this dupe is that it's not neoprene. It's still the exact same style, cut, colour, etc. but it's just not neoprene. This bathing suit is from Fashion Feel and is sold for only $5.83 USD including shipping and has sizes from small to large. You can also buy the two other colours that still style provides from this company as well.

 Since it's not neoprene, that's one of the reasons it is so extremely cheap. But honestly, even though I love my neoprene dupes, this one is extremely well made. I really love how it's exactly the same besides the material its made from. I know a lot of my reviews are of more expensive bathing suits so I like to throw in some that are cheaper but still well made.

 Another cheap Triangl dupe is from a different store named Dressing House, which also is not neoprene. Like the last super cheap one, it's still a great look and everything is the same. Colour, stye, cut, and black ties are all just like the Triangl bikinis that sell for almost, if not more than, $100. This pink colour is super cute and even though it's not neoprene, I still like it. I'm thinking of getting the icey blue colour sometime soon since they only cost $4.59 with free shipping.
 The sizes for this are also small to medium, one choice for the entire bathing suit. Normally when I have this 'problem' I aways go for the bigger size. Even though my bikini top is a small, I always stick to a medium because that's what my bottoms are. I'd rather have my top a little big than my bottoms too small.

Even though regular Triangl bikinis aren't reversible, this one is advertised as reversible since there are no tags. It's not neoprene so you can easily flip it inside out and wear it in all black, or mix it up with a pink top and black bottoms.

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