Beach Love Surf

by - March 06, 2016

This is my favorite impulse buy ever. I went into H&M planning to buy a bathing suit, but this trip was to only try them on then come back after circling the mall. But I'm glad I bought it because it was the last one in the store, it happened to fit me, and it's gorgeous. I love it. I truly freaking love this bathing suit. The navy colour, the empty back besides two straps, the palm tree print, the white words. I just love everything about this bathing suit. I don't always go towards a one piece because sometimes they fit me weird due to my tall body but small chest... but it's like this one was absolutely made for me because it fit perfectly. It does have adjustable straps but I didn't even need to touch those, which I normally always do.
This bikini has the words "Beach Love Surf Hawaii" in white on the front which contrasts the navy blue perfectly. Of course the two palm trees in white on the sides of "Surf" help with that too. The back of the bikini scoops down to a couple inches above my tail bone, and the bottom of the bikini rises up a bit to meet my hip bones in the front. I don't know if H&M stores bring back their old bathing suits from last year out or not, but if they do certainly keep an eye out for this piece.
 Especially if you have a long torso like me so one pieces fit you weirdly. The adjustable straps are a life saver, plus you can take the straps and criss-cross them against your back. I don't know many other one pieces that have adjustable straps so if you do find a place that sells them, or one in particular, feel free to link it in the comments below. I love one pieces so any chance I have to get one that fits comfortably, I'll snatch that baby up in a second.

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