So many neoprene bikinis, yet I don't own a neoprene wet suit... that's next on my list to grab! But until then here is another great one from OTILLY for only $69 USD, an added $15 USD for international shipping. They ship to almost any country but if you have any doubts if they ship to yours, just email them your questions. I love this bikini because not only does the whole look of it just looks fantastic, but the bottoms actually have the character of black leather.
 The don't have a hundred different styles to choose from but they do have plenty of great ones. They have 3 other colours for the tops in this style; orange, green, and pink too. So if you want a pop of colour with your black bottoms, I really like the pink top.
 They also have the basic triangle tops too that are reversible. For example they match their dark blue to a pretty turquoise.There are two other reversibles to choose from.
 Even though this can be considered a Triangl dupe, it's a really great quality piece. Especially for only $69 compared to the high priced Triangl bikinis.

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