If you saw my Instagram you would see I hit up the "local beach" and spent the day with a couple people. I got to, finally, put on a bathing suit for the first time this year and lay out in the sun. Even though the water was super cold I got just the slightest tan.
 I picked my Pacifica bikini set out of my big box of bikinis because I loved the back of this top. This top is called the Bee Lovers Top in Pacifica. I matched it to the Bee An Angel Bottoms, also in Pacifica of course.
The top fit perfectly on me and the ties in the back are super fun to me. I always love bathing suits that are a little different than the rest, so this triangle like tie in the back certainly sticks out.
The bottoms are a bit tight at first but once I walked around in them I realized they were actually a perfect fit. They were super comfortable all day long.
 I also took a couple videos that day which you can check out to see the whole top a little bit better.
 Also check out the poll for Sunday Swimwear, I'll have a couple more polls out for different things throughout the year.

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