Zodiac's at the Beach

by - March 25, 2016

 I believe heavily in my Zodiac sign, I fit pretty much everything that goes along with my pisces sign. You may say I'm gullible to believe in everything but it's always fit to me, at least 99% of the time. So thinking about my sign and how I fit so perfectly with it, it made me think about other signs. Specifically about signs and how they react to the same thing I do. Like how we spend 24 hours at the beach, do pisces and leo's do anything thats similar or completely different.

Pisces: If you're a Pisces like me, we all know that we are doing our best to get up at sunrise and take some photos. If not taking photos, we're drawing pictures in the sand with our fingers or a little stick of driftwood. And eventually, as the day draws on, we some how pop the beach ball... Oops!

Leo: This sign is laying peacefully on their beach chair with large sunglasses on all day long! They have a tropical drink in their hand that they may or may not be actually drinking. Even if they aren't drinking this drink, they look cool just relaxing with it. And when night comes, they have another fun stacked drink with that little umbrella in the glass.

Aries: Aries makes friends with the people playing volleyball down by the Hilton Hotel. Of course, with Aries though, due to their competitive nature, they may loose a few throughout the day as they kick ass in volleyball. But the ones you do keep stay for a little illegal beach bonfire later.

Capricorn: Tan away little Capricorn, as long as you use the right amount of sunscreen. Be careful about falling asleep though, we all know what happens to Capricorns when they do so. Their friends do what every one did to Joey in Friends. You'll be cleaning sand off you for a while, but at least your friends got a cute photo before leaving you stuck under the mounds of sand!

Taurus: They get out to the beach at the perfect time, noon. Just in time for the sun to be directly above and high in the sky. They may read or listen to music for a bit but end up falling asleep tanning too. While Capricorn my get buried, Taurus fell asleep a little to close to the shore. Instead of waking up  with sand everywhere, you're almost swept away by the wave that just attacked you. Stupid wave...

Libra: All day you spend your time talking with your friends, taking photos of them too, and the beautiful scenes playing out around you. When you aren't swimming, you're checking out the people around you, and getting checked out by a lot of people too. Someone as beautiful as you deserves to get their picture taken too so your friends snap a few Instagram worthy shots of you laying out in the sun.

Cancer: Clumsy little Cancer crab, you had the perfect set up until you forgot to weigh down your blanket with your flip flops or your beach bag. You end up cursing under your breath, or maybe a little louder than you think, as you chase your towel down. Don't worry, been there done that. But what I haven't yet done, is trip over sand and faceplant into the water. I've fallen but not a faceplant kind of fall. Don't worry, you totally tried, and succeeded, to look hot as you got back up. Hopefully you won't be a viral video though...

Gemini: You little prankster you, of course you'd buy that fake shark fin from Target! You pretend you're a shark and swim underwater just to sneak up behind people and grab their legs. You spend as much time as you can doing that until the Coast Guard catches on. After you turn in your shark fin you spend the day eating great local food on the beach then relaxing at the waters edge until you can go back in, without the fin, to scare more people. Who doesn't love a good day of pranks?

Virgo: Even though you're doing what you should by slathering on the sunscreen, you may have squeezed the bottle a little to hard. When you dump practically all the sunscreen out into the sand instead of into your hand, or on your leg, you get a little frustrated. I would too so don't worry, do what I would love to do! Go spend some money at the snow cone stand down the shore and get all your favorite flavors. Just chill out for a bit! A Pisces will totally allow you to borrow some of their sunscreen, just politely ask. Then relax in the sun, sand, and water the rest of the day.

Scorpio: You're up early and head out to the beach pretty quickly, maybe even catching the sun rise with a Pisces or two. You spend your day looking great and flirting with people until sunset. You're on vacation, have fun and do what you want. But when night falls and the beach starts to empty, we all know where you'll be! You'll be watching the waves roll in then out and watching the stars as they pop up. That's the perfect place to watch the stars since the lights out rule helps the baby turtles survive, maybe you'll see some!

Aquarius: You spend the day in your zone, collecting seashells that fit what you're looking for. You need only the best and perfect seashells and pieces of dried up seaweed to make an artsy necklace. Maybe even a seashell crown if you have enough items left over! And both of these somehow perfectly compliments your style, and makes me a little jealous.

Sagittarius: This day on the beach is spent trying to learn how to surf, but you end up totally wiping out at least once. This wipe out sweeps you up to the ocean and you over dramatically crawl up the shore, coughing up ocean water. But once you spit out all that water you act like nothing happened and buy yourself an ice cream. You'll head back out to the water later.

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