Bikini Body

by - April 15, 2016

 I review bathing suits for a living basically, so me being able to show you all how they look is obviously a huge part of reviewing them. Another part of reviewing them, is showing how they look while being used. And that's something I haven't really done, part of the blame is on the weather but the other part isn't. At first, reviewing these bathing suits was just something fun I was doing on Instagram. Then it turned into me reviewing a new one every Sunday at exactly 3:30pm (EST)! It's honestly crazy how many bathing suits I have, add in the fact that a lot of them are reversible... well I need to make another stop at Target to pick up a new closet storage container... And they're still coming in.
 But the reason I wasn't showing you how they looked on someone all the time was because I didn't believe I had a bikini body. I would see girls wearing the exact same bathing suits I had in my hand as I reviewed it and think "they look so much better than I do..." or something like that essentially. I figured I wouldn't look as great in these, so why show you that when I can link you to the better photo?
 Obviously, at the time, I didn't realize that as long as you have a bikini and a body... you have a bikini body! Literally if you have a body, you have a bikini body. Simple as that. The part for me that didn't click with that simple equation is that it wasn't that did I didn't have one, it was that I wasn't confident enough at the time. I put myself out here on social media to be criticized by literally thousands of people. Believe it or not, I struggle a lot with my own body image. Yes there are things I love about myself, but there are also things I actually hate about myself (I'm working on my confidence everyday). After being bullied for years, for absolutely no reason, my confidence plummeted severely causing Body Dysmorphic Disorder as well as Social Anxiety. So while I'm trying to build it back up, I've learned a little.
 A while ago, I wasn't really okay even just sitting in a beach chair reading a book in my bikini. Thanks to this kid who stalked me on my island getaway, I was constantly worried about my appearance because he was constantly staring at me. Or trying to impress me and get closer to me by having his brother throw the frisbee towards me... But him staring at me, made me wonder if I looked good or bad in my pretty bikini. Then, I feel like I probably didn't look so good, so I sat awkwardly and sucked in my stomach as I laid out in the sun. Now, I know I looked totally fine! If not maybe really cute considering that's what caused the guy to stalk down my Instagram...
 I think everyone has problems with theirselves at different times, whether its about what they look like or who they are. But I'm working on it, just like a lot of people are. So from now on I'll try and take more photos of the bathing suits being worn and add them in to upcoming blog posts as well as add them to old ones.
 I'm also planning on doing a Bikini Collection video for YouTube soon so you can see all different angles of these pretty bikinis.

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