Boho Frill

 Recently I took another trip to Caeser's Creek with my friends and tried out a new bathing suit from Heat Swimwear. This top and bottom are not a set but the fun thing about that is you can mix and match the different styles of tops in the same pattern.

  I picked the Boho Frill Ruffle Skirt for my bottoms that include a cute little tie with green tassels on the side. For the top I got the same pattern and picked the Boho Frill Underwire Push Up Top. The top has, obviously, a little bit of push up in it hence its name. The cute little addition with that is that the padding is hearts. I personally like push up because then I'm not afraid my top is too loose.
 The design itself is stunning and fits my boho sort of themed style. It's personally one of my more favourite patterns of bathing suits that I own. As well as the fact that the tassels on the side are a very cute addition too.

 Overall I truly enjoy the bottoms and top. The two tassels on the top in the front and at the ties are just as cute when on the bottoms. The ruffles cover just a bit of the bottoms but not to much of course. Though it says skirt it's not entirely covering everything. 
Anonymous said...

This is so cute !!!

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