Gossip Girl Returns

 Looks like our Gossip Girl stalker has returned yet again, texting me this time too. This e-blast had everything to do with a single photo taken at one party with a couple of people. Who knew someone could be so obsessed with the lives of others that they had to interfere via anonymous messages. Oh wait, we all did...
 This time GG sent a link of the photo to Serena's now ex-boyfriend hoping to do something that we don't exactly understand. With the first message we kind of knew what she was getting at, trying to break them apart or something along the lines. And with the same photo, I'm assuming, GG sent me a message saying to calm down because no guy will ever like me... Which is obviously just another blow she is trying to make at my confidence or something along those lines too. Not only that but she also reported my Youtube and blog so now one way I make money, is completely gone, along with all the money I had waiting for me.
 I don't know what exactly this Gossip Girl has planned, but obviously Serena and I both know she's watching us. Whether she really does has eyes all around Clifton like the original had in the Upper East Side, or she's just there in person, I don't know. But Serena and I are both sure we know exactly who it is. Which means this Gossip Girl had to go out of her way to see my photos that she is certainly blocked from. Do we care that she's somehow watching our every public move? No, not really, though it is extremely annoying to think GG wastes her time on stuff like this. We can only assume that these next couple of days or weeks will be watched as we go to the last couple of Clifton house parties. Hopefully summer will be clean of Gossip Girl e-blasts because I'd like to spend my days on the beach worry free.
 Until next time Gossip Girl, because we both know we haven't seen the last of you.
Anonymous said...

I feel bad this is happening to you but these are one of my favorite posts.

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