Gossip Girl

by - April 08, 2016

 I watched all six seasons of Gossip Girl and yes, hello, I'd like the last 2-3 weeks of my life back. Now I'm not saying I hated the show, because that's the complete opposite from the truth, but wow. The amount of whip lash I got from this show and the constant change of couples is more than I get from a back seat on The Beast at Kings Island...
 But what's funny is now, I seem to have found myself in an episode of GG. Not only am I in a total  'love square' this past week, but my friend seems to have fallen victim to GG too. Who knew calling each other Serena and Blair could somehow put us in an episode of Gossip Girl itself.
  With Gossip Girl and her e-blasts she could send scandalous secrets flying to phones in seconds. While phones have changed a bit now, you can still essentially get e-blasts from anonymous people thanks to texting apps like Pinger or TextNow.
 This 'e-blast' was all about a party I went to recently. Now of course, it could have been someone there but like Gossip Girl, just because the info was correct doesn't mean she saw it herself. Gossip Girl has everyone and anyone constantly looking for gossip. Now I won't say what this e-blast said but it involves fake flirting, car kicking, and unsophisticated slang. But that's what you get when you live in Cincinnati and not the Upper East Side. Galas are actually sorority/fraternity functions, club outings are college parties, Manhattan is Clifton, and the Empire is Uncle Woody's Pub.
 I'm not afraid of this Gossip Girl though, I don't exactly have a royal wedding she could ruin. Let alone a love life with Chuck Bass that she could drag in whenever she wanted. I mean I am currently in a weird mess with a 'love square' but the guys aren't Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald or Louis Grimaldi. I'd totally pick Nate Archibald by the way, not a Blair move but hey, he's cute. More on my love square later but as for now, Serena and I are totally laughing this e-blast off.

 Good luck Gossip Girl. Serena and I are too good for your pettiness. 

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