For people who are fans of Demi Lovato, Rhianna, or even Kylie Jenner, then you may have already seen some items from Gypsea's swimwear line. Literally a week after getting this bathing suit I was watching some of my trash tv shows and saw Kylie in the swimsuit I almost got. I'm still extremely tempted to get that bathing suit anyways because, why not? I love many of their tops because all of the different styles and cuts are all extremely gorgeous. Plus the fact that many tops come in the same pattern you can mix the styles almost an infinite amount of times!
Demi and I share the same style top with our caged up arms. She rocked it with some high waisted black shorts and knee length black boots. Before even being this photo of Demi I thought of that for my bikini top too. The top itself is not reversible but the bikini bottoms are, they flip inside out to become a nice bright pink. I picked this awesome caged top in the design of Coralia, because who doesn't love this pink sunset design? This Cap Shoulder Top is super comfortable as well as well fitting. The bottoms, Brinkley Bottoms, don't have the caged style but they fit the look I was going for.
One thing I love about Gypsea is their tree planting program! As of writing this they have already planted 6,408 trees thanks to people buying their bikinis. Gypsea has partnered with Seed The Change, they are completely dedicated to planting trees with rural communities to restore their environments. Which also helps grow more food and even builds a sustainable future. 
 With my bikini top and bikini bottom, two trees were planted to help protect the future of our planet, our own health, and our future children's. Gypsea tells you how buying one producing is planting one tree. One reason why I highly recommend buying from this company.

 Besides the tree planting program, there are many reasons to enjoy this company. But overall this bikini set I picked out is one I highly recommend. The design on my bikini top is the same as on my bottoms, so the little island on the bottoms are in the same horizon as the top shows.

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