Holi Festival 2016

 I got the chance to celebrate and experience Holi, an ancient festival of India which was originally known as Holika. I didn't know much about Holi at first, just that it was a festival that involved love, but after celebrating I've learned a lot.
 It is actually said that Holi existed several centuries before Christ, that's just one thing I didn't know. The meaning of the festival is actually believed to have changed over the years. Earlier in its existence it was a special rite preformed by married women for happiness as well as well-being for their families. Along with that, the full moon was worshiped.
 Like many people in north India, the people celebrating with me at UC campus shared their time throwing colour at each other. This tradition is referred to by playing colours in north India. There in India this tradition is rampant. In India they spray coloured water on each other or pour buckets and buckets of the colored water on each other. Here though we used colored powder that is still stuck to my scalp seven showers later. In India they also sing Bollywood Holi numbers as well as dance to the beat of dholak, which is a type of drum. I didn't try any of the food unfortunately but I bet, just like in India, they had gujiya, mathri, and malpuas here to eat.
 If you haven't celebrated Holi before, you should join in next time you can! Though I am not very religious, it was a great experience to have. I was so genuinely happy that I couldn't stop smiling, which resulted in a lot of powder being consumed. I made a quick video to watch and also took a couple photos of the day. I wanted to share my experience with you all so here are those photos and video.

Before the celebration

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