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 Have you ever looked at someone's Instagram feed and just fell in love, then hit follow? Well until Instagram's lame update I used to scroll through my timeline and see so many great photos. Now I just go down my followed list and check one by one. But we all have those people who are just completely 'feed goals' who we sometimes try to be like. If you're looking for more people to follow, then you've stumbled on to the perfect post. Here is a list of lovely people who's photos inspire me to step up my Instagram game.

I've been following Ali Archdeacon for maybe a year now, maybe even more, and I love her photos. Most of her photos are tagged in Australia so I assume she lives there. Due to her many gorgeous beachy photos, I've been jealous of her living location for a very long time. Not only is she also gorgeous, but her eye for all these simplistic photos are perfect. 

I follow Bianca Ella Booth, as well as her sister Allana Booth, and enjoy her beach filled photos. Like Ali Archdeacon, they two live on the Gold Coast of Australia (I believe). There are so many photos that she takes that I'd love to recreate with my friends. Stuck in the bipolar Ohio weather where is snows during April, I love to have beaches pop up on my timeline. Plus she's seriously beautiful so seeing her pretty face is also a good upside!

 Though Debi is from Germany, she's a well known travel blogger with 224k followers. Her next stop is Rome and I'm seriously jealous. If you check out her tagged photos, you can see she's been all over the place. Her photos mainly consist of a deep beautiful blue and crisp white theme. I haven't been following her long, but I can tell I won't unfollow any time soon.

 Ellie Hayden states she lives on the East Coast, the East Coast of Australia that is because I live on the East Coast of America and it looks nothing like this. A lot of photos are with friends, in the ocean or on the beach, with blues all around. I seriously love my beach photos, can you tell?

Ella Kemp lives in Australia too, if you haven't seen a theme already then it's beyond you. Her photos are very boho which fit me perfectly. Not only do I love all the bathing suits she wears but also all the locations she takes photos at.

 This girl makes me want to step up my Instagram because not only does Emily have the perfect everything but her blog is filled with amazing things too. We were BFFs in elementary school and to see her living in NYC following her dream is amazing. Her Instagram is like one big photo album of her adventures in New York. If you ever want to see what it's like to be a college student studying fashion in NYC, here you go. 

 I am following many other people on Instagram but these are a few of my favorite over all. I can definitely say that to me, not only are these girls' photos alone perfect but their feeds are 'goals'. That and their life because you can tell that an adventure is seemingly always around the corner for them.
 Until then I'll stick to my colorful cluster of an Instagram feed. Mine always looks better when I'm living life in summer on the sand or by the pool.

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