"Let Me Change That 4 U"

 STOP SAYING YOU'LL CHANGE THAT FOR ME! Like seriously, stop saying that after I tell you that I haven't kissed anyone. Stop saying that after I tell you I'm a virgin (and okay with it). Don't you dare try to kiss me immediately after saying that. And for you to get pissed when I turn my head saying "no thank you" is wrong. You can tell me "well that makes me lose interest" but guess what, I really don't care.
 For you to tell me that my worth is basically non-existent is horrid. For you to tell me that in order for a guy to commit I need to change my status from prude to slut is horrendous!
 "Sorry but it's the truth..." Is it? Is it really? Well let me tell you, anyone who's interest is that easy to lose over having or not having sex is not worth having at all, let alone my time. "I was trying to make a joke that I guess you took seriously" My worth is not a joke, and from what you said to me when I rejected your kiss, it doesn't seem like you're joking. "That's just something that I've realized in college." But I'm pretty sure I know guys who are in college that don't think that way, so why say that all men are like that? Why act like you're any better when you literally act just like those dirt-bags?

 When I tell a guy I haven't kissed anyone, I'm not saying behind those words "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KISS ME BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I REALLY WANT WHEN I TELL YOU THIS!" I'm telling him because he asked me if I've ever been kissed. Or he said something to which my reply was, "Sorry but I wouldn't know, I've never kissed anyone." Not because I simply want to say "HEY EVERYONE I'VE NEVER HAD A KISS BEFORE!" because honestly at this point, it's horrific to have to state that in front of guys. Girls, I can tell them I've never been kissed and they act like I said I got new clothes. "Oh really? Why haven't you kissed anyone?" I tell them my answer and it's pretty much over. Within a single weekend me telling three different guys that has gone three different ways.

Guy One: "I've never kissed anyone." "What really, a girl like you? Wow, well let me change that. You're just so hot, wow, I mean wow." He then tried to kiss me multiple times at the party, even as I tried to leave to which I pulled his hands off of my face and walked away with my hand in a peace sign, up in the air, yelling "I'm outtie! Ana get your butt in the car because I'm leaving!" I'd rather make myself look like a fool than anything else so he doesn't come sauntering after me.

Guy Two: "No, I've never been kissed I wouldn't know, sorry." "Well, haha let me change that." He then leaned in to try to kiss me. I moved my head away, said no thank you. He told me that made him lose interest in me and asked why I wouldn't let him kiss me. I said, "because you're drunk and I don't want to take advantage of you." He laughed that off saying you can't take advantage of a guy. I walked away yet again to go find Ana who had just arrived at the party.

Guy Three: "No, no, I just haven't kissed anyone." "Wait then- hey, let me change that for you then yeah? Yeah let me- I'll kiss you." This last guy was super drunk and, thankfully, had me hold his beer so he could go do something really quick before he tried to kiss me. That was essentially my escape from that, which was the night after the first two guys.

 I don't care if you're 14 or 24, just because you haven't done something yet doesn't mean you're a prude. And if you already have, that doesn't make you a slut. Guy or girl, no one needs to change your "status" for you. If you don't want them to then tell them no, because no means no. And if they don't listen then say what I said to one guy later, and pardon my language but- "Did I fucking stutter?" Because that stopped him, and so did walking away.
Anonymous said...

YES YES YES! I say that to guys too! "I'm sorry did I stutter, I don't think so... So stop pretending you didn't hear me." It's sooooo annoying.

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