MGRA swimwear has become one of my favorite swimwear companies due to the fact that they are so green. This company literally says it is designed for nature. They are 78% recycled, they are sustainable, proudly Australian made, and for the best part... 10% of all profits go to MGRA Wildlife and Habitat Conversation!

 Just reading their About Us page is personally a great part of this company, you should totally read it for yourself.

 The set I have is Warning Sign - Fixed and I love it, the way it looks and fits of course. I'm a size small for my top and medium for my bottom, with that being said the top fits perfectly plus makes my bust look great. The design itself reminds me of watercolors almost, which is a weakness of mine. The mix of bright colours and darks are perfectly put together.
 When you read the About Us page you will see these bikinis are literally artwork prints put on to bikinis. That's one plus I love about this company and the bikini itself. The fact that you are literally wearing art while wearing this bikini makes me extremely happy.
 The logo printed on the bikini bottom also actually adds a bit to the bikini too. The crisp white against their bikinis add a classy but cool look to the back. Many logos I've seen are either sewn with cloth labels or like a gold plate.
 I honestly love all of their designs for their bikinis so far and can't wait to see what else MGRA brings into their online store.

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