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A little while ago To Die For Swimwear sent me a pretty lace bikini, and as I was moving my bathing suits into a new little 3-drawer container in my closet I found it. This bikini, called Like An Angel, is one of their lace signature sets. The bikini top is the typical triangle shaped top with just a bit of removable padding in there. I love the sunny lemon yellow lace against the white bikini, and the gold ends on the ties ad a nice touch.
 The bottoms of the bikini have a slightly stretchy yellow lace that hugs your hips. The bottoms even give your booty a little lift, which is a perfect touch. The white fabric isn't see through when it's wet which is a great factory in that. There is also a little golden label on the back of the bikini which shows To Die For's name, which matches the T on the gold ends of the ties.

 But because this bathing suit has a lot of lace, I would qualify this more as a sun bathing bikini or a short pool bikini. By 'short pool bikini' I mean spend a short time in the pool just floating about or swimming with your friends. The website says, along side this bikini on it's website, it states exactly why it is probably more of a sun bathing bikini. "Lace is a very delicate fabric by nature and the lace bottom is not intended for strenuous water activities and longer periods in chlorine and salt water as it creates a faster wear-and-tear as well as lace expansion."
 I always have a couple go to bikinis that I sun bath in because they cover less of my skin, so now tan lines showing obviously with a bit more skimpy bikinis. This is definitely one I would add to that list, but also add the bikini top to the list of ones I'll wear under tank tops. I always love the look of someone wearing a cute bikini top under a loose low cut tank top.
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Love your description of this !! Your blogs are getting better and better !! Keep it up girl ��

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