12 Sunflowers

by - May 01, 2016

 Anyone who knows me knows I love Vincent Van Gogh, with like a passion. Seriously like one of my dream dates is to go see a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit in Paris. But since I can't just go to Paris on a whim to see Van Gogh I found this bikini instead. It is one of the bathing suits I got online for all under $10, this one came to about $0.99 or maybe a $1.
 Even though this bathing suit is a cheap Ebay $0.99 one piece, the quality is super great. The stitching, the fabric, the overall make of the one piece is very well made.
 The design on the front is the exact same as on the back, bright blues and yellows all over. This is actually one of many of Vincent Van Gogh's sunflower paintings, preferably my favorite out of all of his. This is Sunflowers, Van Gogh's third version on a blue green background. This one is currently hung up at Munich, Germany I believe so looks like I'll have to go there and not Paris.
 But back to the one piece. This bathing suit is not see-through so that's a huge plus. And even though the cut in the back may be a bit low you can still wear this out as a bodysuit even. I can honestly see myself wearing this as a bodysuit as well as a bathing suit, because who knows when you'll end up swimming in a pond? Believe me that's happened.
 If you search Van Gogh Bathing Suit online, you are sure to find this one piece there. Just look for a one piece with the same photo and make sure to read descriptions! Some companies on eBay post this photo and tell you to make sure to add this name in the comments when purchasing.

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