Festival Must Haves

by - May 04, 2016

 It's getting close to that time of year again, festival time. Last year I was able to get the chance to go to Bunbury with my best friend and I am so glad I went. We were pretty much prepared for the entire day, but it turns out not thinking about the weather is one way of being unprepared. It started pouring heavily and became extremely windy once it started to become night. We ended up having to leave a bit early since the rain would not let up, until of course we were 20 minutes away. We were lucky enough to be able to go under one of the bridges with a group of people to hide from the rain, but incase you don't get that chance, here are some tips for you.

 Bring a towel that can also be a blanket. 

 We not only sat on the towels we brought but we also used them to dry off after the rain. We were able to claim our spots with these towels and didn't have to sit in the little bit of mud or spilt beer that was on the ground. 

 Bring a water bottle, or two. 

 With Bunbury, on the first day you couldn't bring a filled water bottle even if it was sealed. The second day you could if it was only a under a liter, and it was only water, and sealed. The third day you could bring any size bottle if it was sealed, which meant anything from water to Gatorade. They had filling stations so you could fill up your water bottle, which luckily we were able to as soon as we walked in. But thinly downside to the filing station is that everyone will be using it so if you need to go back later in the day, expect a line. Recently a company called Memo Bottle sent me one of their water bottles and it's the best invention ever in my opinion. It's a water bottle that is square and flat, perfect for storage especially when you need room for other things in your bag.

 Fanny Packs are a good idea. 

 Now I know they aren't exactly 'hip' everywhere but even though I brought a bag I wish I had also brought a fanny pack. Pulling out my wallet, phone, etc again and again was a bit of a hassle while trying not to loose it. After Bunbury I got a fanny pack and even thought my dad refuses to be near me when I wear it, it certainly helps.

Sunglasses are like headbands.

 When I went to Bunbury last year, I had long hair and no bangs. It got extremely hot at one point and I didn't bring a head band or hair elastic. Thankfully the sun was behind me during the Bleachers performance. So since I didn't need my sunglasses, I used them to keep my hair out of my face. Even now when I have long side bangs as I grow out my hair, you can push them back with that too.

Suntan lotion/ sunscreen is needed.

 The sun was beating down hard for 90% of that day until the rain came. During that sunny day I was in a tank top and shorts, thank god I put on sunscreen before I left and Monica had some because I would have been extremely burnt.

Perhaps a rain poncho too.

 I didn't think to bring one, thank goodness we were able to hide under neath a bridge to keep out of the rain. But I did see some people wearing those plastic rain ponchos and others simply wearing trash bags. Both of these options were a good idea because we ended up missing some performances due to the lightening and harsh rain.

Portable Phone Charger.

 I brought my phone and my camera, I also brought the wires to charge them both and plugged them into my portable charger so I could continue on filming the day. Also so I could make sure my phone was charged incase of emergency, though I didn't have a great signal there I was still able to send messages.

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