Eau Paix Vie is a company who I've been looking at for a while with their cute two colored bottoms. Who doesn't love fun bikini bottoms wether they are ruffled, colour blocked, or have bows on them. The top I got isn't the exact same shade of pink but I can mix and match these pieces with other bathing suits I have.
 These bottoms are seriously to die for, the pink and yellow cut just match perfectly together. They have so many different styles and colour combos to choose from! The bottoms are seamless which is great, also shows the name of the bottoms, Seamless Milkshake bottoms.  They fit snug so make sure you get your size correct when you buy them, I made sure to measure myself before deciding which size because it is an Australian company. 
 The top is just as cute, the cuts in the back of it make for a very pretty look. The pink is a shade slightly dark then the bottoms but of course, mix and match with other bathing suits. They're constantly sold out because of the high demand for these cute bikinis so snatch them us quickly! This top is the Bahamas Bandeau top in pink.

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