Happy Birthday Audrey

 May 4th has been one of my favorite days for a while now, though many people know it for another reason, mine is because it is Audrey Hepburn's birthday. This year she would have turned 87 and would most likely still be spreading her love towards the people she helped as a humanitarian, I wrote a little something on my Instagram about her like I do every year now.

 Many people know Audrey Hepburn as the beauty icon from Breakfast at Tiffany's, but many don't know the other sides of her. Two years ago on her birthday I was shopping for a prom dress and everything Audrey Hepburn related popped into my life that day. I found my own big white princess dress as well as a stunning black dress that was literally labeled Breakfast at Tiffany's that I saved for my next prom (only to have the seamstress utterly ruin it), in Casablanca Vintage there was an Audrey Hepburn clock, in the thrift store I found the men's dress shirt that Audrey wear in Breakfast at Tiffany's, I found that and other movies on VHS, and many more things. It was an overall Audrey kind of day.
 But for people who don't know much other than the things you find like her movies or books in old book stores you may not know how wonderful and generous Audrey Hepburn was. She went through so much just as a child being in the holocaust, that things that happened to her in her adult life really shouldn't have happened to a wonderful person.
 As a child, Audrey was stuck in the middle of the holocaust with her mother because her father, a Nazi sympathizer took off. She didn't speak to him for a very long time due to the fact that he did that. And if you've read Anne Frank's diary, you'd hear about her uncle being killed. At the end of the war though, when she was liberated, a solider gave her 7 chocolate bars and that's why she associated it with joy and liberation for the rest of her life.
 Though I never had anything bad like that happen to me in my childhood, we do share some other things that make my bond with Audrey strong. Some of the thing people never knew she dealt with was stalkers that made her scared for her life and her children's life, miscarriages, suicide attempts, abusive husbands, and then to pass away so young. I haven't shared all of those things but some I have, and to know that someone like Audrey Hepburn was able to make it through and eventually love life is one reason why I'm still here today.
 I don't believe Audrey ever wrote any books on her own, I don't think she wanted to, but I know many books have been written about her. I have a lot of those books and my favorite is How To Be Lovely, all about Audrey and simply how she was as a human being.
 My friend and I both joke around that I am Audrey Hepburn reincarnated and she's Marilyn Monroe, and after reading so much about Audrey's life I wouldn't doubt it. I'm not saying that I am, but the way we are is surprisingly similar.
 This year I was sick on Audrey's birthday so I couldn't go downtown to Tiffany's in my little black dress, but I did watch Breakfast at Tiffany's since that was the first Audrey Hepburn movie I had ever seen.
 If you love Audrey, you should read up all about her life and learn about all the great things she did in her life. Her humanitarian work is one reason why I love her so much, and why UNICEF is one of my favorite charities.
 If in 10 years I end up having a daughter, and name her Audrey, just know it's totally because of my love for Audrey Hepburn and her middle name will most likely be Hepburn too. But celebrating her birthday is one way I stay happy throughout the year. So if you're in love with Audrey Hepburn and all of her perfections and supposed flaws, then grab some chocolate and watch a movie, donate a little bit, and smile at everyone you see.
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