Peachy Keen

by - May 29, 2016

 This is one of my favorite cheap bikinis from Ebay, it was literally $2 and fits perfectly. I've seen this exact same bathing suit other places for a lot more than $2 so I figured why not try to find it myself. I've always noticed that if you go straight to the source for most things, you can get it cheaper. This bathing suit is the perfect pale shade of a peachy pink that I can't wait to wear it with a nice tan. 
 If you search on Ebay for simply 'cheap pink bikini' you will find this bathing suit, and you may even find it for a cheaper amount than I did. I know a lot of people want more than one bathing suit so if you're really on a budget, check Ebay! I found a lot of other bathing suits I was interested in there as well. 
 This is one of the cheaper bathing suits I bought myself, all of which I found on Ebay. I have already posted about some but there will be others as well in the future. 

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