by - May 08, 2016

 Well we all know I'm going to be wearing this on the 4th of July! This American flag printed bathing suit has the flag on both sides of the one piece. I've seen these one piece suits at Hot Topic but I'm not to sure if those are swimsuits or not. This, though, is a one piece bathing suit you wear while eating your all American hot dogs while listening to baseball on the radio this 4th of July. When wet, the white parts of this bathing suits are a bit more see through than the rest but it isn't that bad to be honest. If you're thrifty, maybe sew a white lining inside if you'd like a bit more of coverage.

 This one I bought myself since it was super cheap on Ebay just as something fun to wear on the 4th, so I didn't expect it to hold up as nicely as my other bathing suits. But after looking it over and trying it on, it's a pretty great for being $5. Just search USA Flag Bathing Suit on Ebay and you can find it, plus many other flags like the Australian flag, Italian flag, and many others.
 Just a quick little review on this simple bathing suit, I have some other cheap Ebay bathing suits coming up too! Someone asked me what bathing suits I could find for a under $10, so this one including shipping was $5 but I bet you can find it for even cheaper online.

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